Savage Worlds – Warhammer 40k homebrew

Character Templates



Attributes Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d4, Shooting d4, Investigation d8, Knowledge(Literature) d10, Knowledge(Legend) d10, Knowledge(Other) d8
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Investigator, Scholar, Luck
Starting Gear Revolver, 6 extra bullets, Staff, Administorum robes(Common Quality), Writing kit, Chrono, Data-slate, Backpack



Attributes Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Intimidation d8, Persuasion d8, Streetwise d8, Driving d6
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Investigator, Connections(Adeptus Arbites)
Starting Gear Shotgun(PumpAction), 12 extra shells, Club, Brass knuckles, Flack Vest, Uniform(Good quality), 3dose of stimm injectors, Arbite ID, Chrono, Flask of Amasec



Attributes Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6, Stealth d8, Climbing d6, Notice d6, Lockpicking d6
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Assassin, Dodge
Starting Gear Hunting rifle, 16 bullets, knife, 10 throwing knives, 3dose of stimm injectors, Charm(Lock of hair), Black bodyglowe(Good Clothing)



Attributes Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Persiasion d8, Taunt d8, Knowledge(Eclisiarchy) d6, Investigation d6, Intimidate d4
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Charismatic, Connections(Eclisiarchy)
Starting Gear Hammer, Stub Revolver, 6 extra bullets, Crossbow, 10 bolts, Chain coat, Aquila necklase, Eclisiarchy robes(Good quality), 4 Candles, Skull charm, backpack, Book of saints



Attributes Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d8, Drive d6, Taunt d6, Notice d6, Survival d6, Knowledge(Military Tactics) d6
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Nerves of Steel
Starting Gear Sword, las pistol, 1 charge pack, Lasgun, 1 charge pack, Guard flack armor, Uniform(Common quality), 1 week rations


Sister of Battle

Attributes Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d8, Guts d6, Throwing d6, Knowledge(Eclisiarchy) d6, Perception d6, Taunt d6
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Pure Faith (Your hero’s faith in the Emperor is total and complete. This faith wraps around him and suffuses his soul, armoring him against the foul influences and weapons of the Heretic. Once per encounter, the hero may spend a Fate Point to completely negate the effects of any daemonic or psychic attack (including madness or corruption).)
Starting Gear Combat knife, Boltgun, Power Armor, charm of order, Ring of Suffarage, Copy of “Rule of Sorroritas”, whip for self flagelation, writing kit, shield robes



Attributes Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d6, Shooting d8, Persuasion d6, Intimidate d6, Lockpicking(security) d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise d6
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Dodge, Luck
Starting Gear Autogun, 2 clip, Autopistol, Brass knuckles, Knife, Quilted vest, Street ware (Poor Quality)



Attributes Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills Fighting d4, Shooting d6, Knowledge(Tech) d6, Knowledge(Computers) d6, Tech-Use d8, Weird
Science d8
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Arcane Background: Techno-Magus, Adeptus Mechanicus
New Edges Energy Cashe – Bonus Power points

Electrical Succor – Recharge power points

Luminen Charge – Be able to power machines with own bio energy. Including recharge weapon packs. Fatigue Cost.

Powers(examples) Feedback Screech – Damage Field, Sound, Large AOE, Self (2d6)

Ferric Lure – Telekinesis metal only (25kg, +25kg per rise)

Weapon Blessing – Boost Weapon Trait (increase damage by dice damage by 1 level. Example 2d6, weapon becomes 2d8)

Luminen Blast – Bolt, Electicity (2d6)

Luminen Shock – Stun, Electicity (shaken on succes, rise -2 vigor)

Maglev Grace – Healing, Self

Maglev Transendance – Fly Self (require veteran level)

Rite of Awe – Demoralization AOE for duration – to spirit rolls

Rite of Fear – Fear AOE

Starting Gear Metal staff, Las pistol, 2charge packs, Las carbine, Knife, Flack vest, glow lamp, data-slate, Mechanicus robe (Good quality), d10 Spare parts, vial of sacred oil


Impirial Psyker

Attributes Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d4
Skills Fighting d4, Shooting d4, Knowledge(Psionics) d6, Knowledge(Firbiden lore:Warp) d6, Knowledge(Occult) d6, Psionics d10, Meditation d6,
Hindrances 2 minor, 1 major
Edges Arcane Background (Psionics),
New Edges Advanced Psionics(Biomancy)[require Veteran, Arcane Background (Psionics)], Advanced Psionics(Divination)[require Veteran, Arcane Background (Psionics)], Advanced Psionics(Pyromancy)[require Veteran, Arcane Background (Psionics)], Advanced Psionics(Telekinetics)[require Veteran, Arcane Background (Psionics)], Advanced Psionics(Telepathy)[require Veteran, Arcane Background (Psionics)]

Minor powers

Call Creatures – Summon Ally(animal)

Call Item – Teleport specific item to self(1 point to imprint and is continiusly considered spent and 1 more point to retrive)

Chameleon – Invisibility Self (penalty to be noticed -2)

Deja vu – Confusion

Distort Vision – Confusion

Fear – Fear

Flash Bang – Stun

Forget me – Confusion

Healing – Healing

Inflict Pain – Pummel

Inspiring Aura – Boost Trait (increase fighting, shooting, spirit or vigor by 1 die)

Knack – Boost Trait (any non combat roll)

Precognition – Boust (+1 parry, +1 to avoid ranged attack, +1 skill rolls)

Sence Presence – Detect/Conceal Arcana

Spasm – Confusion

Spectral Hands – Telekinezis up to 5kg +5kg per rise

Torch – Light

Touch of Maddness – Fear/Stun

Trick – Boost Trait (gambling by 2 dice)

Unnatural aim – Trait boost (Shooting by 2 dice)

Weapon Jinx – Make single weapon not function



Bio-lightning –

Blood Boil –

Cellular Control –

Enhance Senses –

Hammer Hand –

Regenerate –

Seal Wounds –

Shape Flesh –

Toxic Siphon –



Divine Shot –

Dowsing –

Far Sight –

Glimpse –

Precognitive Dodge –

Precognitive Strike –

Preternatural Awerness –

Psychometry –

Personal Augury –

Soul Sight –



Blinding Flash –

Burning Fist –

Call Flame –

Douse Flames –

Fire Bolt –

Fire Storm –

Holocaust –

Incinerate –

Sculpt Flame –

Wall of Fire –



Catch Projectiles –

Fling –

Force Barrage –

Force Bolt –

Precision Telekinesis –

Psychic Blade –

Psychic Crush –

Push –

Telekinesis –

Telekinetic Shield –



Beastmaster –

Compel –

Dominate –

Inspire –

Mind Scan –

Projection –

Psychic Shriek –

See Me Not –

Telepathy –

Terrify –

Starting Gear TO DO

Derived Statistics

Agility is your hero’s nimbleness, quickness, and dexterity.

Smarts is a measure of how well your character knows his world and culture, how well he thinks on his feet, and mental agility.

Spirit reflects inner wisdom and willpower. Spirit is very important as it helps your character recover from being rattled when injured.

Strength this raw physical power and general fi tness. Strength is also used to generate your warrior’s damage in hand-to-hand combat.

Vigor represents endurance, resistance to disease, poison, or toxins, and how much pain and physical damage a hero can shake off.

Derived Statistics

Pace is how fast your character moves in a standard combat round. Humans walk 6″ in a round and can move an additional 1d6″ if they run. Write “6” on your character sheet beside the word Pace. This is 6″ on the table-top—every inch there represents 2 yards in the “real world.”

Parry is equal to 2 plus half your character’s Fighting (2 if a character does not have Fighting), plus any bonuses for shields or certain weapons. This is the TN to hit your hero in hand-to-hand combat.For stats such as d12+1, add half the fi xed modifier, rounded down. For instance, a Fighting skill of d12+1 grants a Parry of 8, whereas a d12+2 gives a Parry of 9.

Charisma is a measure of your character’s appearance, manner, and general likability. It’s 0 unless you have Edges or Hindrances that modify it. Charisma is added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls, and is used by the GM to fi gure out how nonplayer characters react to your hero.

Toughness is your hero’s damage threshold. Anything over this causes him to be rattled or worse. Like Parry, Toughness is 2 plus half your hero’s Vigor, plus Armor (use the armor worn on his torso). Vigor over a d12 is calculated just like Parry.

Sanity We will be using the rules for Sanity and Corruption from Realms of Cthulhu to reflect the potential risk to one’s mind and soul in the 41st Millennium. Sanity is a new derived trait equal to 2 plus half your Spirit attribute minus your Corruption rating. You gain a point of Madness for every four points of Mental Anguish over your Sanity rating. Mental Anguish is parallel to physical damage, and represents damage dealt to your mind and soul.


Corruption reflects the toxic influences of the universe creeping into your Explorer’s heart and soul. It represents not only the obvious and devastating effects of Chaos and the Warp, but the far more subtle and deadly mental poisons of the xenos, and the lure of ancient and forbidden archaeotech. Corruption is usually gained from learning Forbidden Lore, but it can also be gained from exposure to corrupting influences (Warp energy, archaeotech, xenotech, xenos organisms, etc.). Corruption gained from outside influences can usually be purged through sufficient penitent activity and redemptive deeds, but corruption gained from Forbidden Lore can never be removed (except possibly through psycho-surgery or similar extreme methods to purge such knowledge from your hero).  Corruption has little direct effect on your hero in play, apart from reducing your Sanity… but it will be used by the GM when I need to determine who is the most (or least) susceptible to further corruption, among other things.

Command (Spirit)

Command is the ability to give orders to starship crews, armies, or other large groups under your authority. Your Command roll determines how quickly and diligently they will carry out their instructions.

Tech-Use (Smarts)

Tech-Use is the ability to fix devices, vehicles, weapons, and other machines. It also governs the ability to use advanced devices and machinery, as well as understanding how these devices work. Characters suffer a -2 penalty to their rolls if they don’t have access to basic tools.
Note: This skill completely replaces the Repair skill.

Knowledge Categories

Knowledge is a rare and precious commodity in the 40K universe. While most people have some familiarity with the Imperium and its workings (Common Knowledge), specialized and scientific knowledge is closely guarded. In addition, knowledge of some subjects can be very dangerous, even lethal, to their possessor; these subjects fall under the Forbidden Lore skill.


Some Knowledge focuses that are more specific will grant bonuses when used instead of a more generic Knowledge. A Tech-Priest attempting to identify an ancient weapon, for example, would be able to use Tech-Use to do so, but would gain a +2 bonus if he possessed Knowledge: Weaponsmithing.


Example Knowledge focuses: Planetary Navigation, Sector (specific), Space, Space Navigation, Science, Technology, Armoursmithing, Weaponsmithing, History, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Tactics, Strategy (for mass battles), Imperial Law, Imperial Creed, Imperial Vessels, Space Warfare

Forbidden Lore

This sort of knowledge is extremely dangerous to possess in the Imperium. Those who are not authorized to know certain things may find themselves the subject of Inquisitorial interest, or worse.

Equally or more dangerous is the deleterious effect this knowledge has upon those who learn it. Forbidden Lore increases your hero’s Corruption score as he delves deeper into things he was not meant to know. For every two dice of Forbidden Lore your hero knows, he adds 1 to his Corruption score and reduces his Sanity by that amount.

Members of Imperial groups or organizations that are the subject of Forbidden Lore do not gain Corruption from gaining dice in Forbidden Lore relating to their own organization (i.e. a Tech-Priest does not gain Corruption from Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)). They gain Corruption as normal from any other Forbidden Lore source, however. This benefit does not apply to Mutants or Psykers.

Example Forbidden Lore focuses: Adeptus Mechanicus, Archeotech, Cults, Daemons, Heresy, The Inquisition, Mutants, Navigators, Psykers, The Warp, Xenos

New Edges

No character may have more than one Adeptus Edge.

Background Edges

Untouchable (Background)

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Resistance

You are a psychic dead spot in the world, and as such are highly resistant to the powers and abilities of even the strongest psykers. Everyone within a SBT centered on you gains a +6 to resist Psyker powers and +6 armor against direct damage from Psyker attacks. Unfortunately the deadening aura you emit puts everyone you meet on edge. You suffer a -3 to Charisma. A character with Untouchable may not also take Arcane Background (Psyker) (or vice versa). This edge replaces Improved Arcane Resistance.

Adeptus Astartes (Background, Adeptus)

Requirements: Novice
You are ranked among the mightiest and most feared of all human warriors: the Space Marines! Genetically engineered to be the most lethal soldiers the human race has ever seen, the Space Marines are the Imperium’s first, and often last, line of defense. At character creation, you start with a d8 in Vigor and a d6 in Strength, the Brawny and Fast Healer Edges, and a d6 in Guts. To compensate for the extreme advantage this gives you over other players (with the equivalent of 30 Experience), you advance only every 10 XP until you reach 100 XP. Of course, you also have to take orders from your higher ranking battle-brothers, not to mention the Inquisitor.

Arcane Background (Psyker)

Requirements: Novice
By Imperial decree all Psykers are required to be registered with the Imperial Ministorum on penalty of death. Now, whether you’re registered or unregistered is up to you, but by being part of an Inquisitorial entourage, you’d be taking quite the risk if you weren’t. Anyways, Psykers get their power by tapping into the Warp, the great Immaterium as it’s called. They start out with 10 Power Points and two Powers from the Savage Worlds Core Book.



d20 Result


1-4 Brain Drain: The Psyker’s mind is fried with energy from the Warp. He’s shaken for 1d6 rounds and his Will drops a die type for 24 hours.
5-8 Backlash: The Warp energy overloads the Psyker’s nervous system, causing 3d6 damage.
9-12 Spirit Sap: The Psyker must make a Vigor roll or be incapacitated. Even on a success she suffers a Fatigue level.
13-15 Madness: The terrible Warp energies drive the Psyker insane. He rolls for a random Dementia from the GM’s table. He must also make a Smarts roll. If failed, the Dementia is permanent. Otherwise, it lasts for 1d6 days before he “snaps out of it.”
16-19 Corruption: The power is twisted by Chaos energies to have the worst possible outcome for the Psyker.
20 Mindwipe: A part of the Psyker’s soul is consumed by the Warp. Lower his Will die type by 1 permanently.

Arcane Background: Techno-Magus

Requirements: Novice, Mechanicus, Smarts d8+, Vigor d6+
Arcane Skill: Cybernetic Focus (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2
Some Tech-Priests learn to channel the energies of their implants to produce amazing effects. These rare individuals are known as Techno-Magi, and are highly regarded by the Cult Mechanicus. Their power comes from their highly-modified cybernetic implants, and by the blessing of the Machine God. Their powers are typically invoked by recitation of sacred litanies along with appropriate gestures.
Feedback: When a Tech-Priest using these powers rolls a 1 on his Cybernetic Focus die (regardless of his Wild Die), he is automatically Shaken. This can cause a Wound. On a critical failure, the power is disabled and requires 2d6 hours of repair before it can be used again.

Feral Survivor

Requirements: Feral World – Primitive
This character has survived the worst his home world could throw at him. Your hero adds +2 to all Climbing and Survival rolls, gains a +1 to Toughness, and ignores up to -2 in penalties when Tracking.

Crowd Runner

Requirements: Hive World – Hivebound
Growing up in the press of humanity within a hive, your hero has learned how to move through the masses unobstructed. Your hero’s movement is never slowed by crowds, and he only risks hitting an innocent bystander in a crowd if he rolls a second 1 on a d6 when a 1 comes up on a Shooting test. He also gains a +2 to all Streetwise tests.

Superior Origins

Requirements: Imperial World – Blessed Ignorance
Those who have grown up on an Imperial world are much more familiar with the ways of the Imperium, and take satisfaction in knowing they are favoured of the Emperor. Gain a +2 on any Imperial Law and Imperial Creed rolls, along with a +1 bonus to Sanity.


Requirements: Void Born – Ill-Omened
Being raised in the void of space offers certain unique advantages. You gain +1 Pace when aboard a starship or in low- or zero-gravity, and low- or zero-gravity environments are not considered difficult terrain for you. You are also immune to space travel sickness.

Fit for Purpose

Requirements: Forge World – Stranger to the Cult
A Forge World inhabitant is repeatedly tested, channeled, and trained from birth for their chosen station and role in life. Weakness is not tolerated, and failure met with painful incentives to do better. Your hero begins with one Attribute of his choice at a d6.

Ways of the Court

Requirements: Noble Born – Vendetta
Noble heroes are raised to deal smoothly and easily with the mighty and powerful. Your hero adds a +2 to all Persuasion and Streetwise rolls when dealing with those in high authority and in formal situations.

The Emperor Protects

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Smarts d6+
Your mind is exceptionally well-protected against the horrors of the galaxy. Gain +1 Sanity.

Dangerous Knowledge

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d10+
Your hero knows a little about everything, and maybe too much about some things. You make all Common Knowledge rolls without penalty.


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
When forced to make Spirit rolls due to Mental Trauma, your hero ignores their madness penalties. This only applies to Spirit rolls called for by these tables. He still suffers from madness modifiers for other Trait rolls normally.

Very Jaded

Requirements: Veteran, Jaded
If your hero critically fails a Spirit roll on the Mental Trauma table, roll a die. On an odd result, he
passes out for d6 hours, but suffers no Sanity loss.


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
This hero recovers from madness quicker than most. They gain a +2 to all Spirit rolls to eliminate madness.

Renowned Warrant

Requirements: Novice, Rogue Trader
Your Warrant of Trade is of particular note, distinction, or antiquity, lending significant clout to its effect. Add +2 to all Persuasion and Intimidation rolls made against those who understand the importance of the warrant (Imperial officials, other rogue traders, etc.).

Psyker Only Edges

The Will (Weird)

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Persuasion d8+ Intimidate d8+
When making an Intimidate or Persuasion check, the Psyker may exert his warp-empowered Will to strengthen his influence; the Psyker may even cause enemies to do things they would not normally do, such as breaking cover or dropping their weapons. The Psyker gains a +2 on any Persuasion or Intimidate roll in which he declares the use of this ability, but must expend 1 Power Point to do so. Other Psykers have a +1 to resist this ability, and other Psykers with The Will have a +2.

Astrotelepathy (Weird)

Requirements: Novice, Will d8+
An astrotelepath rapidly becomes one of the most useful members of any entourage. The reason is this: they are capable of communicating instantly across long distances through the Warp. An astrotelepath may send a message anywhere within a single subsector by making a Will roll. To send a message anywhere within the current sector, this roll must be made at -2. Failure indicates the message was lost somewhere along the way.

Combat Edges

Brave (Combat)

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
There’s not much out there that fazes you. Your character has +1 Grit.

Take the Hit! (Combat)

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d10+
Characters with this Edge are good at rolling with punches, are lucky, have fate on their side, or are perhaps just really tough. They add +2 to Soak rolls made to eliminate wounds.

Sucker Punch (Combat)

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Intimidation or Taunt d6+
The character doesn’t know the meaning of the words “fair fight.” If he succeeds in a Test of Will against an adjacent opponent, the character receives a free Fighting attack. This attack does not incur a multi-action penalty.

Combat Sense (Combat)

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Notice d8+
This character is adept at fighting and keeping track of multiple foes. Opponents gain no Gang Up bonus against him.

Dirty Fighter (Combat)

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+, Agility d6+, Smarts d6+
You know every trick in the book, and aren’t afraid to use them all! You gain a +2 on all Smarts and Agility Tricks during melee combat.

Really Dirty Fighter (Combat)

Requirements: Seasoned, Dirty Fighter
Not only did you write the book, you left a few things out for your own personal use. You may spend a Benny to automatically get the drop on any one target in melee.


Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting of d8+
Certain enemies of Mankind enrage your hero and compel him to fight with great ferocity. When you take this Edge, choose an enemy; when your hero faces that enemy, he deals +1 damage with all attacks. You may choose this Edge more than once, but you must choose a different enemy of Man each time.
Example enemies: Criminals, Cult (specific), Daemons, Xenos (specific), Psykers, Heretics, Mutants

Litany of Hate

Requirements: Seasoned, Hatred (any), Spirit d8+, Fighting or Shooting of d10+
Your exhortations against the enemies of Mankind inflame and inspire your comrades. You may extend the benefits of your Hatred to any allies within 20”.

Naval Veteran

Requirements: Seasoned, Able Voidsman, Agility d8+, Fighting d6+, Shooting d6+
You have seen more than your share of boarding actions, on both sides of the assault. You gain a +1 to Fighting and Shooting rolls when in combat aboard a starship.

Purge the Unclean

Requirements: Seasoned, Hatred (any), Fighting or Shooting of d10+
Your Explorer’s hatred of his chosen foe strengthens his arm and sharpens his aim. When battling Hated enemies, you gain a +2 to damage with all attacks.

Rapid Reload

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d6+, Shooting d8+
Countless hours of practice have made your hero an expert at reloading weapons. Subtract 1 from the number of actions required to reload a weapon. If a weapon has no reload time listed (single action reload), reloading becomes a free action.

Wrath of the Righteous

Requirements: Veteran, Pure Faith, Spirit d8+, Fighting or Shooting d10+
Your hero unleashes the wrath of the Emperor on those who deny His dominion over the stars. Once per round, you can spend a Fate Point to add an additional die of weapon damage to an attack. This die can Ace just like any other. Your hero cannot suffer ill effects on a roll enhanced by this Edge; treat any rolled 1’s as an ordinary miss (if applicable).

Proffesion Edges

Savant (Professional)

Requirements: Novice, two or more Knowledge skills at d8+
This edge replaces the Scholar Edge from the Savage Worlds Core Book.

Interrogator (Professional)

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Intimidate d6+, Persuasion d6+
Few people can keep secrets from one such as you, trained by the Inquisition in the fine art of interrogation. Gain a +2 on all Intimidate and Persuasion rolls. Also, you have +2 to Smarts rolls to detect when another person is lying.

Adeptus Mechanicus (Professional, Adeptus)

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Vigor d6+
The character is a Tech-Priest raised within the Adeptus Mechanicus. He has received sacred technical training and been fitted with his primary cybernetic implants. Your hero gains the Tech-Use skill and one additional science- or technology-related Knowledge skill at d6 for free. He also takes no penalties to Vigor rolls to resist airborne poisons and toxins (thanks to his implants). However, the character also acquires the Outsider Hindrance (Tech-Priests are feared and avoided by non-Mechanicus, and have difficulty interacting with non-Mechanicus). The Tech-Priest gains no additional bonus points to spend from this Hindrance.

Adeptus Arbites (Professional, Adeptus)

Requirements: Novice, Investigation d6+, Streetwise d6+
You are a member of the elite Imperial law enforcement corps known as the Adeptus Arbites. Thanks to years of training and field experience, you gain a +2 on all Investigation and Streetwise rolls. In addition, you may be able to call on support from other members of the Arbites.

Able Voidsman

Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+
You are experienced in moving about and getting things done aboard a starship, even when the grav-plates fail. You take no penalty to movement in zero-gravity.

Accurate Gunner

Requirements: Veteran, Master of Gunnery, Shooting d10+, Knowledge: Space d8+
Your gunnery skills are legendary, tearing through enemy defenses with ease. When controlling the weapons of a starship, fighter, or lander, reduce the Shooting penalty by -1 when firing upon a vessel protected by void shields or holo fields.

Bold Helmsman

Requirements: Veteran, Master of Ships, Piloting d10+, Knowledge: Space d8+, Knowledge: Imperial Vessels d6+
Your familiarity with Imperial ships and your deft skills as a helmsman allow you to attempt maneuvers others wouldn’t dare to try. When attempting any difficult Maneuver, you may ignore up to -2 penalty on the Piloting roll. In addition, if your vessel goes Out of Control, you may roll twice and take the better of the two results.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Healing d8+
This hero is highly skilled in medicae, and adds +2 to all their Healing rolls. Up to five companions travelling with a chirurgeon add the bonus to their natural healing rolls as well.


Requirements: Seasoned, Pure Faith, Armour of Contempt, Spirit d8+, Strength d6+, Fighting d8+
Your hero is a righteous champion of the Emperor in the war against the Ruinous Powers. When attacking daemons, psykers, or other powers of the Warp, you add +2 damage. Your hero also gains +2 Toughness when suffering damage of any kind from such enemies.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Vigor d6+, Investigation d8+, Notice d8+, Survival d6+
Your hero is particularly experienced in investigating the ruins of ancient civilizations and discovering what secrets the race left behind. You gain +2 to Investigation and Notice rolls from years of crawling around old ruins and researching legends. In addition, your hero is used to the rigors of nature. You have +2 to Survival rolls.

Favoured of the Machine Spirits

Requirements: Novice, Mechanicus, Smarts d8+, Tech-Use d8+, at least two other scientific Knowledge skills at d6+
The Tech-Priest adds +2 to his Tech-Use rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required to fix something. This means that if a particular Tech-Use job already states that a raise repairs it in half the time, a Tech-Priest who is Favoured of the Machine Spirits could finish the job in one-quarter the time with a raise.

The Flesh is Weak

Requirements: Novice, Mechanicus, Spirit d6+
As your connection to the flesh abates, your strength of will grows. For every two cybernetic implants you possess, add +1 to any Guts skill rolls you make. The Machinator Array Edge counts as 4 implants for the purposes of this Edge.

Heretek Innovator

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Tech-Use d6+, Notice d8+
This character can improvise something when the need for a tool arises. He suffers no negative penalties on Trait rolls for lack of equipment in most situations. His talent for innovation and jury-rigging borders on Tech-Heresy, but the results he can achieve are often worth the risk.
In addition, given a few simple tools, props, or devices, he can generally rig devices to help escape from death-traps, weapons to match some bizarre need, or otherwise create something that’s needed when such a thing isn’t actually present. The extent of this is completely up to the Game Master, but creativity should be rewarded, particularly in dire situations where few other answers are possible.

Lord Captain

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+, Command d8+, Knowledge: Imperial Vessels d6+
Your hero is an admired and feared commander; your crew respects you and has faith in you to lead them well. Increase the Crew and Morale of any starship you captain by 5 each. You also gain a +2 to Command skill tests when giving orders to crewmen aboard ship.

Master & Commander

Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+, Persuasion d6+, Command d10+, Knowledge: Imperial Vessels d6+
Your leadership is unquestioned, and your words inspire your crew to fight on in the face of great adversity. Whenever your Crew or Morale is depleted by damage or hardship, you may roll your Spirit trait and reduce the loss to Crew or Morale by the result. This roll can Ace as normal. You cannot reduce the loss to less than 1 Crew or Morale. In addition, you may treat the Crew Rating of anyone under your command as being one die type higher. This applies to both their basic and specialized skill dice.

Master of Gunnery

Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d8+, Knowledge: Space d6+
Your hero is a deadly threat to any other vessel within range of his guns. When controlling the weapons of a starship, fighter, or lander, you add +1 to your Shooting roll and +2 to damage.

Master of Ships

Requirements: Seasoned, Piloting d8+, Knowledge: Space d6+
Your hero is superbly skilled at handling the spacegoing vessels of the Imperium. When controlling the helm of a starship, fighter, or lander, you add +2 to all Piloting rolls. In addition, they may also spend Fate Points to make soak rolls for any vehicle or vessel they control. This is a Piloting roll at -2 (cancelling their usual +2). Each success and raise negates a wound and any critical hit that would have resulted from it.

Master of Auspex

Requirements: Seasoned, Notice d8+, Knowledge: Space d6+
Your hero is adept at analyzing the information gathered by his vessel’s auspex array; nothing escapes his notice and no foe can remain hidden for long. When controlling the auspex array of a starship, fighter, or lander, you add +2 to all Notice rolls. In addition, when your hero’s vessel is the pursuer in a chase, the target must obtain two raises to escape.

Master of Hazards

Requirements: Seasoned, Tech-Use d8+, Knowledge: Imperial Vessels d6+
Your hero is highly skilled at coordinating damage control and repair efforts about an Imperial vessel. When controlling the damage control systems of a starship, fighter, or lander, you add +2 to all Tech-Use rolls. In addition, whenever you must roll on the Fire Table, you can roll twice and take the better of the two results.

Master Voidsman

Requirements: Veteran, any two of Master of Ships, Gunnery, Auspex, or Hazards, Piloting d8+, Smarts d10+, Knowledge: Imperial Vessels d8+
Your Explorer is able to multi-task aboard ship without peer. When he is on the bridge of a starship, fighter, or lander, he can perform one additional Ship Action per turn with no multi-action penalty. He cannot perform the same action twice in the same turn.

Thorough Investigator

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+, Streetwise d8+
Your Explorer leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of the information he seeks. You add +2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence.

Mechandendrite Use

Requirements: Seasoned, Mechanicus, Smarts d8+, Tech-Use d8+, at least two scientific Knowledge skills at d6+
This Edge allows a Tech-Priest to fully utilize mechandendrite cybernetics. Mechadendrites are mechanical limbs that enhance a Tech-Priest’s ability to perform specialized tasks.

Machinator Array

Requirements: Seasoned, Mechanicus, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Tech-Use d8+, Fighting or Shooting d10+, Fighting or Shooting d8+
The machinator array is a full-body cybernetic augmentation that greatly enhances a Tech-Priest’s fighting ability. Your hero increases both his Strength and Vigor by one die type, his Size by +1, and adds +2 to his Toughness, but reduces his Pace by 2 and takes a -2 Penalty to Agility-based skill tests (except for Fighting and Shooting). He can also replace the laspistol on any ballistic mechandendrite he possesses with a single pistol or one-handed close combat weapon. Mounted close combat weapons are considered to have a Strength of d8 for dealing damage.

 Social Edges

Good Reputation

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+
Your hero is well respected within a particular institution or organization. You add +2 Charisma when dealing with members of that particular group. When you take this Edge, specify a group that the bonus applies to. You may take this Edge more than once, but you must choose a different group each time.
Example groups: Administratum, Adeptus Astartes chapter (specific), Adeptus Mechanicus, Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Navigator Family (specific), The Inquisition, Rogue Traders, Underworld

Hard Bargain

Requirements: Seasoned, Persuasion d10+
The Explorer’s shrewd negotiations and bargaining skills are without peer, and he has a knack for seeing profit where others see nothing. Whenever Profit Factor is awarded for completing an Endeavor, you gain a bonus of +1 Profit Factor to the group’s total.

Xenos Diplomat

Requirements: Seasoned, Persuasion d10+, Spirit d8+, Forbidden Lore (Xenos) d6+
Your hero has experience dealing with xenos races, and knows their foul ways better than anyone should. You gain a +2 on Persuasion and Intimidation rolls when dealing with xenos races.

 Weird Edges

Weird Edges in Rogue Trader involve psychic powers, powers of the Warp, faith in the Emperor, or other quasi-mystical or poorly understood phenomenae.

Armour of Contempt

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero is steeled against the horrors of the Warp. When fighting against daemonic opponents or their servants, your hero treats his Guts skill as one die type higher for the purposes of resisting fear.

Catechism of Protection

Requirements: Seasoned, Armour of Contempt, Spirit d10+, Command d6+
Your hero’s great faith shines out in the face of Mankind’s greatest enemies, bringing comfort to his allies. You may extend the benefit of Armour of Contempt to all allies within 10” that can hear your voice.


Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
You lead a charmed life: there is no question that the Emperor watches over and protects you. When you spend a Fate Point, roll a d10; on a roll of 10 you retain the Fate Point. You cannot gain this benefit if you give your Fate Point to another character.

Iron Will

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
The terrors of forbidden knowledge and the dark secrets it contains do not easily shake your resolve. You add one die to the amount of Forbidden Lore your character may acquire before gaining a point of Corruption.

Forbidden Loremaster

Requirements: Seasoned, Iron Will, Spirit d10+
You have gazed upon some of the most blasphemous secrets of the universe and retained your sanity. Your hero adds one more die to the amount of Forbidden Lore your character may acquire before gaining a point of Corruption.

Blasphemous Thoughts

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
The hero is more capable than most at riding the waves of madness, and ignores 1 point of madness penalties.

Heretical Thoughts

Requirements: Seasoned, Blasphemous Thoughts
Your hero treads dangerously close to the path of the heretic, and ignores 2 points of madness penalties.

Pure Faith

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero’s faith in the Emperor is total and complete. This faith wraps around him and suffuses his soul, armoring him against the foul influences and weapons of the Heretic. Once per encounter, the hero may spend a Fate Point to completely negate the effects of any daemonic or psychic attack (including madness or corruption).

Technical Knock

Requirements: Agility d6+, Smarts d6+
Your hero has been properly indoctrinated in how to appease simple machine spirits and gain their favour. You takes no penalty to the Shooting roll to unjam a weapon. If you spend a Fate Point, you can attempt to unjam your weapon as a free action.

Unnatural Affinity

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Spirit d8+, Forbidden Lore (any) d4+
Your hero has a particular, and dangerous, affinity for a specific Forbidden Lore subject. Choose one Forbidden Lore focus (does not have to be one you currently possess); your hero cannot gain Corruption points from increasing his score in this Forbidden Lore focus. This Edge can be chosen multiple times; select a different Forbidden Lore focus each time you choose this Edge. This Edge will not remove Corruption points already gained from any Forbidden Lore the character knows.

New Hindrances

Thin Skinned (Major)

You’ve never dealt with pain very well. You suffer an extra -1 penalty when wounded (so -2 at one wound, -3 at two wounds, etc.).

Warped Dreams (Major)

Every night the Warp calls out to you in your dreams, tormenting you terribly. You have one less Benny because of your constantly tired state.

Slow (Major)

During Initiative, draw two cards and act on the lower one, unless one of them is a Joker (in which case, lucky you). A Slow character may not also have the Quick Background Edge, although Level Headed cancels out with this Hindrance.

Timid (Major)

You never really learned how to talk back, and have trouble holding your own in most conversations, especially with strangers. Take a -2 when rolling for a Test of Will (Intimidate, Taunt, Persuasion).

Grim Servant o’ Death (Major)

Critical miss in combat results in hitting allies.

Heartless (Minor)

You may not enjoy killing, but you don’t let it stand in the way of your goals either.

Psychic Frailty (Minor)

You are particularly susceptible to Psychic powers, and suffer a -2 on all rolls made to resist them.

Jonah (Minor or Major)

You are considered a jinx aboard starships, a harbinger of bad voyages and bad tidings. Some voidsmen will refuse to set out if they know you’re on board, and some may wish to do you harm. If taken as a Minor Hindrance, you reduce Morale aboard any starship you’re on by 5, and suffer a -2 Charisma penalty when dealing with any crew. If taken as a Major Hindrance, you reduce Morale aboard ship by 10, and suffer a -4 Charisma penalty with the crew. You would be well advised not to go anywhere alone aboard ship.

 Machine Spirit Curse (Major)

Something about your hero is deeply offensive to even the simplest machine spirits: they balk at your touch, and frequently refuse to function in your hands. Your hero suffers a -2 to the Tech-Use skill at all times, and if he rolls a 1 on his skill die when using a mechanical or electronic device (regardless of the roll on the Wild Die), the device is broken (requiring a Tech-Use roll at -2 taking 1d6 hours to fix).

Mutant (Minor or Major)

You suffer from the wretched affliction of mutation. If taken as a Minor Hindrance, your mutation is relatively easy to conceal, but your furtive nature, darting eyes, and uncanny nature make people ill at ease; you suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma with non-mutants. If taken as a Major Hindrance, your revolting mutation can never be fully concealed, and you are at constant risk of persecution from the Ecclesiarchy, the Inquisition, and almost everyone you meet (apart from other mutants). You suffer a -4 to Charisma with non-mutants, and you gain a point of Corruption. This Corruption cannot be removed (except by cleansing fire).

Warp Beacon (Minor or Major)

Something about your soul calls out to the Warp, and the denizens of the Warp eagerly respond. If taken as a Minor Hindrance, you suffer from continual nightmares as well as bizarre visions and fantasies; you take a -2 to Vigor-based rolls from lack of rest and unsettled thoughts. If taken as a Major Hindrance, you are continually beset by whispers from the Warp, and live with the full knowledge that entities are seeking a way to get to you. You take a -2 to Vigor-based rolls as above, and a -1 penalty to Sanity. In addition, you must spend 2 Fate Points each time you attempt to Soak Mental Anguish.

Origin Hindrances

Origin Hindrances reflect the difficulties a hero experienced growing up on his home world (whether that was a planet, starship, or space station). Your hero may choose only one Origin Hindrance, and this may only be chosen at character generation.

Feral World – Primitive (Minor)

Feral Worlders have no time for the mysteries of technology or the rubbishy constraints of etiquette and social niceties. You are illiterate unless you spend skill points to learn a written language, you take a -2 penalty to all Tech-Use, Driving, Piloting, and Investigation rolls utilizing vehicles or machines, and you take a -2 penalty to Charisma with anyone who is not of your world. This Edge cannot be taken if you also choose the Mechanicus Edge.

Hive World – Hivebound (Minor)

Hivers seldom endure the horrors of the open sky or the indignity of the great outdoors. Your hero takes a -2 penalty to Survival rolls, and while out of a “proper hab” (e.g. places without manufactured goods, solid ceilings and electrical power) your hero suffers a -1 penalty to Smarts rolls.

Imperial World – Blessed Ignorance (Minor)

Imperial Worlders cleave strongly to their faith in the Emperor, and know that horror, pain, and death are the just rewards for curiosity. Your hero takes a -2 penalty on all Forbidden Lore rolls, and you gain a Corruption point for each die of Forbidden Lore you learn.

Void Born – Ill-Omened (Minor)

Whether because of their strange looks, clannish ways, or unwholesome air, the void born are shunned and distrusted by most. In addition, you find moving around in full gravity clumsy and painful. Your hero suffers a -2 penalty to Charisma among non-void born, and -1 Pace when in full gravity (on a planet’s surface, for example).

Forge World – Stranger to the Cult (Minor)

Forge World citizens see the Imperial Creed through the lens of Cult Mechanicus doctrine, and they frequently have trouble dealing socially with Imperial clerics and preachers. Your hero suffers a -2 penalty to Knowledge: Imperial Creed rolls, and a -2 penalty to interact with members of the Ecclesiarchy in formal settings.

Noble Born – Vendetta (Minor)

Every noble house has its sworn enemies and rivals who would do its members harm. Your hero has powerful enemies, even if they can’t always find him; he is considered to have the Minor Enemy hindrance. This Edge cannot be taken if you also choose the Mechanicus Edge.


Las weapons








Las pistol

12/24/48 1 30 2d6 Pistol 6 30

Lasgun Carbine

15/30/60 1 60 2d6 Basic 10 75


12/24/48 1/3 60 2d6 Basic 10 75

Long Lasgun

20/40/80 1 40 2d8 Basic, Snapfire 15 100


15/30/60 3RB/3 30 3d6 Heay. Auto or 3RB 20 200

Projectile Weapons


12/24/48 1/3 20 2d6 Pistol, Auto 8 100


12/24/48 1/3 30 2d8 Basic; Auto 15 200


15/30/60 1 6 2d6+1 Pistol, AP 2, Reload 2 rds 6 75


12/24/48 1/2 15 2d6+1 Pistol, AP 2, Auto 6 150

Heavy Stubber

12/24/48 3RB/3 40 3d6 Heavy, AP 2, Auto or 3RB only, Reload 2 rds 20 350

Assault Cannon

12/24/48 3RB/5 45 2d8+1 Heavy, 3RB or Auto only, AP 4, Reload 3 rds 30 1000

Hunting Rifle

20/40/80 1 10 2d8+1 Basic, AP 2 15 200

Naval Pistol

12/24/48 1 6 2d6+1 Pistol, AP 2, Reload 2 rd, counts as a melee weapon (Str+d4 damage) 10 1000

Dueling Pistol

15/30/60 1 2 2d6 Pistol, Perfectly Weighted (+1 to Shooting) 6 200

Sawn-off Shotgun

10/20/40 1/2 1-2 3d6 Basic, Auto, No penalty for firing one-handed 11 300

Shotgun Pump-action

15/30/60 1 8 3d6 Basic 16 500

Auto Shotgun

12/24/48 1/2 20 3d6 Basic, Auto 18 750

Bolt Weapons

Bolt Pistol

15/30/60 1/2 12 2d10 Pistol, AP 4, Auto 10 10000


10/20/40 1/2 24 2d10 Basic, AP 4, Auto 20 12000

Bolt Carbine

20/40/80 1 20 2d10 Basic, AP 4, Auto 18 12500

Heavy Bolter

20/40/80 1/3 40 3d10 Heavy, Snapfire, AP 4, Auto 30 15000

Melta Weapons


7/14/21 1 5 5d10 Basic, Snapfire, loses 2d10 of damage at each range increment, Reload 4 full rounds 22 800

Inferno Pistol

7/14/21 1 3 3d10 Pistol, loses 1d10 of damage at each range increment, Reload 2 full rounds 10 500


7/14/21 1 5 7d10 Heavy, Snapfire, loses 2d10 of damage at each range increment, Reload 4 full rounds 30 15000

Flamer Weapons

Hand Flamer

cone 1 4 2d8 Pistol, 50% chance of igniting flammable targets, 2 rounds reload, Fire (ignores partial armor) 12 750


cone 1 6 2d10 Basic, Snapfire, 50% chance of igniting flammable targets, 2 rounds reload, Fire (ignores partial armor) 20 1000

Heavy Flamer

cone 1 8 2d10+2 Heavy, Snapfire, 50% chance of igniting flammable targets;, 28 10000

Plasma Weapons

Plasma Gun

10/20/40 1 10 3d10 Basic, Snapfire, on a Shooting roll of 1 (on either die), the player must check the Plasma Malfunction Table below 25 600

Plasma Pistol

10/20/40 1 10 2d10 Basic, Snapfire, on a Shooting roll of 1 (on either die), the player must check the Plasma Malfunction Table below 10 400

Plasma Blaster

15/30/60 1 14 3d10 Basic, Snapfire, on a Shooting roll of 1 (on either die), the player must check the Plasma Malfunction Table below 27 800


Plasma Malfunction



1-2 EXPLODES! The weapon is destroyed and the character counts as having shot himself (for resolving damage).
3-4 Critical Overheat! The character drops the weapon and it may not be picked up for 1d10 rounds.
5-6 Overheat! The character drops the weapon.


Thrown Weapons








Throwing Axe

3/6/9 Str+d6 May also be used in melee combat. 5 15

Throwing Knife

3/6/9 Str+d4 May also be used in melee combat. 2 10

Throwing Star

3/6/9 Str+d4 Often dipped in various poisons. Easily concealed. 5 stars = 1 lb. 20

Grenades & Launchers

Frag Grenade 5/10/20 3d6 1 42
Krak Grenade 5/10/20 3d8 1 1000
Smoke Grenade 5/10/20 1 30
Photon Grenade 5/10/20 1 25
Gas Grenade 5/10/20 Special 1 Varies
Plasma Grenade 5/10/20 2d10 1 50
Grenade Launcher 12/24/48 1 6 Varies 10 10000
Aux. Grenade Launcher 10/20/40 1 2 Varies +10 8000
Rocket Launcher 24/48/96 1 1 4d10 25 15000

Melee Weapons

Standard Weapons






Str+d4   1 5

Short Sword

Str+d6   5 25


Str+d8   8 50


Str+d6   2 30


Str+d6 Ignores Shields 8 40


Str+d6 Two-handed, Parry +1, Reach 1 8 30


Str+d4 Two-handed, Parry +1, Reach 1, may be a wooden staff fashioned by hand, or a metal one purchased 5 10


Str+d6 AP 2 vs Hard Armor, Parry -1 12 60

Knuckle Dusters

Str+d4   1 10

Armored Gauntlet

Str+d6   3 20

Improvised (Rifle butt, etc.)

Str+d4 -1 to Fighting rolls

Mono Attribute

AP 2 +25

Chain Weapons


Str+d10 AP 2 12 150


Str+d12 AP 2; Parry -1 15 155


Str+d12+1 AP 4 20 1500

Power Weapons

Power fist

Str+d8 AP 4 2 spec

Power sword

Str+d10 AP 4 8 spec

Power axe

Str+d12 AP 4, Parry -1, two-handed 10 spec

Power hammer

Str+d12 AP 4, Parry -1, two-handed 12 spec

Power knife

Str+d6 AP 4 2 spec

Shock Weapons

Shock maul Str+d8 On a successful hit, the target must make a Vigor roll (at -2 with a Fighting raise) or be shaken. 20 150
Neural Whip Str+d6 Parry -1; Reach 1; Ignores Shields; On a successful hit, the target must make a Vigor roll (at -2 with a Fighting raise) or be shaken. 5 200
Electro-flail Str+d6 Ignores Shields; On a successful hit, the target must make a Vigor roll (at -2 with a Fighting raise) or be shaken. 8 140

Force Weapons

Force Weapon is a template that may be added to any standard weapon. Normally, this weapon is no different from any other of its type; in the hands of a Psyker it can become far more lethal. Whenever a Psyker strikes a foe with a Force Weapon he makes a Will check at -2 (or with no penalty on a Fighting raise). If the Psyker succeeds, the weapon deals an extra 1d10 of damage. Force weapons also deal double damage against Daemons.


Body Armor

Armor bonus




Leather armor

1 Torso, limbs 10 50

Flak Armor

3 Torso, limbs 15 100

Carapace Armor

6 Full body, Pace -1 30 300

Power Armor

10 Full body; Strength +1 die type, Cant run, Power pack 30/100 5000

Mesh Armor

4 Torso, limbs 18 200

Stealth Suit

1 This padded dark grey suit fades easily into shadows, giving the user a +2 on Stealth rolls. 12 180

Pot Helm

3 50% chance of protecting from headshots 5 50

Open Plasteel Helm

5 75% chance of protecting from headshots 9 100

Closed Plasteel Helm

6 Protects from headshots 10 125

Armor Alterations

Ceramite The armor protects against Fire-based attacks. The armor gains +2 against Melta, Plasma, and Flamer weapons. +50
Reflective The armor gains +2 against Las weapons. +30
Ablative This armor variation absorbs wounds whenever the wearer would take them, but doing so reduces its armor bonus by 1 per wound. When the bonus is reduced to 0, the armor is useless. +20
Bonded This variation combines one or more of the options listed above. The total cost is equal to the combined cost of the alteration, -10 for each beyond the first. So Ablative Reflective Ceramite Armor would cost an additional 80. Varies


Shield bonuses only apply to the front and left/right of a character (depending on the arm holding the shield). The shields below are rated as if made from wood/plastic. If made from reinforced wood/plastic, they gain +1 Armor; if made from metal or armaplas, they gain +2 Armor. Double the cost in the former case, and triple it in the latter.


1 Parry +1; may still use hand freely 10 15

Small Shield

2   15 20

Power Shield

3 May be used to provide partial cover on one side 20 spec

Tower Shield

4 May be used to provide cover on one side 30 50


Higher quality cybernetics usually do not grant higher bonuses; instead, they are better integrated into the body and work more efficiently, and are often beautiful works of art. Poor quality cybernetics are often oversized, leaky, prone to malfunction, and painful to wear. If no special rules are listed for differing levels of quality, then the only difference between them is cosmetic.

Bionic Arm

A basic replacement limb with equivalent strength, agility, and sense of touch. Add +1 Toughness.
Poor quality: -1 die type on Agility tests where fine dexterity is involved, -2 to Fighting and Shooting tests using the limb.
Good quality: +2 bonus on Agility tests requiring fine dexterity (such as Lockpicking), +2 on Strength tests using the arm.
Best quality: n/a

Bionic Locomotion (Hips, Legs, Pelvis)

Grants +1 Pace and +1 Toughness.
Poor quality: ½ Pace, cannot run
Good quality: Can run additional 1d10” instead of 1d6” in combat
Best quality: n/a

Bionic Respiratory System

+2 Vigor rolls to resist airborne toxins, gas weapons, etc.
Poor quality: -2 Stealth, -1 penalty on any strenuous activity.
Good quality: Full life support, 12 hours of air supply
Best quality: n/a

Augur Arrays

+2 to Notice rolls, Tech-Use to observe things not normally detectable to human senses (invisible gasses, local bio-signs, ambient radiation) within 24”. Raises grant more information.
Poor quality: Single detection ability (heat, radiation, electromagnetism) and 10” range.
Good quality: Use d10 Wild Die instead of d6.
Best quality: n/a

Cybernetic Senses

Duplicate the human sense they replace, usually obvious and often oversized. Common, Good, and Best quality cybernetics can include telescopic sight or photo-visor and/or a Dark Sight system.
Poor quality: -2 Notice rolls
Good quality: +2 Notice, +2 Toughness vs. attacks targeting that sense (blinding, deafening)
Best quality: n/a

Locator Matrix

Micro-cogitators implanted at the base of the skull allow the user to be aware of the direction of true magnetic north, present location to within a few meters, relative velocity, altitude, time of day, and other valuable information.

Memorance Implant

This implant is a neurally linked datavault and pict-capture array, often incorporating augmetic replacement of one or both eyes, that records information of people or scenes viewed. It provides a +2 bonus to skill tests where previously viewed experiences or information are useful (usually in social or business situations, but also extortion and other criminal enterprises).
The subject also gains the Total Recall Edge (basic recollection of all names, places, faces, events experienced by the hero; a success on a Smarts roll provides precise or detailed information).

Mind Impulse Unit

MIU’s (or sense links) allow the user to directly interface with a machine or technological device. MIU’s see widespread use among the Adeptus Mechanicus who regard them as objects of divine communion. Provides a +2 bonus to Piloting, Driving, and Tech-Use rolls used in conjunction with a device or vehicle capable of MIU linking.
Poor quality: Requires Spirit roll to use, -2 to Persuasion rolls with machine spirits.
Good quality: +2 Persuasion with machine spirits, +2 bonus to Piloting, Driving, Tech-Use, Shooting, Notice, and Investigation when linked to an MIU device. Also allows a user to experience the senses of a familiar he controls (servo-skull, grapplehawk) as if he was present.
Best quality: n/a

MIU Weapon Interface

A simplified MIU allowing the user to remotely operate a single linked weapon, often shoulder-mounted. Grants an additional Shooting action with the linked weapon with no multi-action penalty.
Poor quality: -2 on Shooting test
Good quality: n/a
Best quality: n/a

Bionic Heart

Grants +1 Toughness, and once per encounter can ignore the multi-action penalty for 1d4 consecutive rounds (as the bionic heart releases adrenaline and increases blood flow).

Calculus Logi Upgrade

Internal cogitator implants which aid in data retention and processing. Grants a +2 bonus to Investigation and trained Knowledge tests.

Cranial Armour

Reinforces the skull with plasteel implants and gel padding. Add +2 Armour to the head location, and +2 to Vigor rolls to resist damage dealt to the head.

Respiratory Filter Implant

Implanted inside the lungs and can sift out most toxic gasses. The user ignores any inhaled toxic gasses or atmospheric contaminents.


Hands and lower forearms are replaced with specialized and sensitive tools ideal for page-turning, autoscribing, data-slate manipulation, and other invaluable qualities for a sage. Grants a +2 bonus to Investigation skills, and a -1 Charisma penalty.
Poor quality: -2 Charisma penalty
Good quality: n/a
Best quality: n/a

Subskin Armour

Adds +1 Armour to all locations, reduces Charisma by -1 when skin is visible.
Poor quality: Increases the Charisma penalty to -2.
Good quality: Adds +2 Armour.
Best quality: Adds +2 Armour and has no Charisma penalty.

Synthetic Muscle Grafts

Increases your hero’s Strength attribute by 1 die type.
Poor quality: Adds +2 to Strength-based tests.
Good quality: No change
Best quality: Increases Strength by 2 die types, -2 Charisma and -2 to Agility-based tests (due to the misshapen appearance these implants cause).


Subdermal implant that greatly increases the subject’s resistance to the effects of void exposure. Adds +4 to Vigor tests to resist the effects of void exposure.


Subdermal implant that greatly increases the subject’s resistance to the effects of void exposure. Adds +4 to Vigor tests to resist the effects of void exposure.


An attached mechadendrite adds +1 to the Tech-Priest’s Toughness. A Tech-Priest may have a number of mechadendrites attached equal to half his Vigor, though only one of a particular mechandendrite may be attached. Each attached mechadendrite penalizes the Tech-Priest’s Charisma by -1. All mechadendrites are considered to be of Good quality.

Utility Mechadendrite

Requirements: Mechadendrite Use
The Tech-Priest adds +2 to his Tech-Use and Lockpicking rolls. The utility mechadendrite includes a combi-tool, multikey, and cutting torch. The Tech-Use bonus from this mechadendrite does not stack with having a separate combi-tool.

Optical Mechadendrite

Requirements: Mechadendrite Use
The Tech-Priest adds +2 to Notice rolls, and is considered to have active night vision goggles (no penalties for any level of darkness). He can also record up to 12 hours of video through his mechandendrite.

Manipulator Mechadendrite

Requirements: Mechadendrite Use
The Tech-Priest increases his Strength die type by 2 for the purposes of lifting or carrying objects, and for making Strength-based Trait checks when using the arm. The Tech-Priest can use the arm to make a Fighting attack for d10+d6 damage.

Medicae Mechadendrite

Requirements: Mechadendrite Use
The Tech-Priest adds +2 to his Healing rolls. Each use of the Healing skill takes 5 minutes (instead of 10), and the Tech-Priest is considered to always have basic supplies and an injector.

 Ballistic Mechadendrite

Requirements: Mechadendrite Use
This mechadendrite increases a Tech-Priest’s combat effectiveness. The Tech-Priest can wield and use an additional laspistol without taking the multi-action penalty.

Psyker Powers

to be added

Mechanicus Powers

Feedback Screech – Damage Field, Sound, Large AOE, Self (2d6)

Ferric Lure – Telekinesis metal only (25kg, +25kg per rise)

Weapon Blessing – Boost Weapon Trait (increase damage by dice damage by 1 level. Example 2d6, weapon becomes 2d8)

Luminen Blast – Bolt, Electicity (2d6)

Luminen Shock – Stun, Electicity (shaken on succes, rise -2 vigor)

Maglev Grace – Healing, Self

Maglev Transendance – Fly Self (require veteran level)

Rite of Awe – Demoralization AOE for duration – to spirit rolls

Rite of Fear – Fear AOE

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