Gnomish Sexual Tinker

Gnomish Sexual Tinker

The gnomish sexual tinker applies their scientific and magical ingenuity to the field of humanoid intercourse trying to find new and better ways to stimulate, seduce and pleasure both sexes through the use of devices, spells and illusions. Many of these contraptions backfire or explode, if anything even more messily than normal gnomish inventions, others seem to work and can even make the tinker a king’s ransom in gold if especially successful. The philosophers stone of the tinker’s work is the fabled ‘Orgasmatron’, a sure fire one-size-fits-all device cable of inducing a thunderous orgasm instantly in any living thing capable of such feeling. It is rumored that such a device has been created, once, and that rumor is enough for many tinkers to waste a fortune trying to replicate the effort.

The best science, and magic, is built upon testing and knowledge. The mysteries of humanoid seduction and copulation can only be understood if they are observed and carefully noted and sketched. Thus these sexhappy little voyeurs are given to leaving their home in their quest for sexual knowledge, often sticking their noses where they most certainly are not wanted. The opportunity for scrapes and misunderstandings is all too notable and tinkers are pursued by irate husbands a number of times only outstripped by bards.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Nature
Tool/Trade Proficiencies: Alchemy, Mechanical Device
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a small knife, latest invention(wind up dildo, a blow up doll etc.), bag of unused parts, 3 bottles of aromatic oils, 10 gp.

Feature: Creative and Curious

You love have access to best of both worlds. Nature and technology and knowledge and drive to discover even more how sexuality can be improved even further. Having enough resources and tools, and imagination there is nothing you couldn’t possibly make.

Roleplay Tips

The tinker is insatiably curious and has no shame at all in pursuing the knowledge they seek. They ask pointed questions, use their small stature to spy and observe and obsessively take notes on all aspects of humanoid sexuality. The tinker can make a useful foil to a rogue who thinks of himself as a charmer, constantly interrupting his seductions with blunt questions and inquiries that are more likely to destroy the attempt than to garner the gnome any further information.

Drow Pain Mistress

Drow Pain Mistress

Dark elves dwell in the deep, dark places of the earth and are a twisted and dark reflection of the beauty of the elves. They look much better in fetish gear. As slave takers and masters of domination and pain, the dark elves explore the darker side of seduction, pleasure and pain. This expertise and knowledge is reflected in the pain mistresses. Slave controllers and strangely seductive torturers the pain mistresses use their knowledge to best effect to control the legions of slaves that serve the dark elves in every imaginable and unimaginable way.

Dark elf pain mistresses might travel on journeys of acquisition to gather slaves or to practice their techniques on new targets. The pain mistress makes a good accompaniment or leader to a party of evil or chaotic Player characters with a penchant for doing rude things. The drive to travel to new and interesting lands, meet new people and enslave or torture them can make a powerful driving force for a group.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Intimidation
Trade Proficiencies: Erotic performance, torture device
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a leather costume, whip, dagger, and pouch with 15 gp.

Feature: Sadistic and Masochistic

You love pain in every way. Pain makes you feel alive. It is a gift and a present. You can resist torture as on other, and you can torture like no one else can. You have advantage to resist torture and intimidation, and you have advantage to your torture and intimidation against helpless targets.

Roleplay Tips

The pain mistress sees no difference between pleasure and pain. The two are one in their mind. They throw themselves into battle with a devil-may-care attitude enjoying the excitement and pain that go hand in hand with physical exertion. The pain mistresses often see themselves as being above those around them and have an almost sociopath view towards others, seeing them as little more than toys or furniture, perhaps a nice painting at best.



The wench guides herself through life with a zest for it, a joie de vivre and a big wobbly cleavage that carries everyone along with her. While rarely, if ever, following through on her flirtations the wench trades on her sexuality for favors, extra tips and the acceptance of others. Wenches dress to impress and to maximize their appeal, ale jugs not being the only ones on show, while being strong enough in themselves to turn away any unwanted attention, usually without insulting the one giving that attention.

Wenches tend to the serving professions, innkeepers, waitresses, healers and so forth one of the only things they hardly ever serve up on a platter is wench.

The wench is generally a more urban sort of character suited to intrigues and criminal type adventuring but she is capable and confident and able to take care of herself in other situations as well. The wench is a supporter and ‘mother’ to a group, taking care of them and making sure they are all provisioned and well looked after wherever they are. The wench makes a good supporting role getting involved in helping everyone else achieve the best.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Insight
Trade Proficiencies: Barmaid
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a small knife,and pouch with 5 gp.

Feature: Optimistic Spirit

You have learned how to spread optimism and cheer armed with just your smile. This has made you very resistant to negativity and dealing with at times very dangerous people you manage to keep your cool. You gain +1 to saves against fear and intimidation.

Roleplay Tips

The wench is a bottomless well of cheer, enthusiasm and good spirits able to lift those around her and help them forget their troubles. The wench should always be full of suggestions, even ones that in a very real and practical sense are utterly useless. She may not know much about anything but her optimism should carry her through and help others to think of better more practical plans.



Among the lowliest and most recognizable ranks of “the oldest profession”, the streetwalkers are the public face of prostitution, standing on corners and hanging around the quays and docks soliciting business in their scandalous outfits and with their even more scandalous language. It is a hard life, one that toughens you and prepares you for the unexpected, but one that also takes a heavy toll on body and mind.

The streetwalker has access to a great deal of information, gossip and rumor in the form of pillow talk. They have a good handle on what goes on in the streets and can be privy to information from all levels of society depending on the tastes of those that use their services and the gossip of other whores. Some of this information can be acted upon and when that is the case the streetwalker might be able to make enough from her other activities not to have to walk the cobbles for a few more nights and walking in heels on cobbles is not easy.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion and Investigation or Perception
Trade Proficiencies: Erotic performance or any other trade proficiency
Equipment: A set of worn rich clothes, a small knife, a fan, and pouch with 5 gp.

Feature: Word on the street

You can spend some time working on the streets from sundown to sunup. You can earn some money 4d8sp + Charisma(Persuasion) and you gain some local rumors, GM’s decision.

Roleplay Tips

Taking up work as a streetwalker is rarely something done by choice. It is often the only way for an unskilled woman to make her way in life and many turn to it in sheer desperation. A woman widowed by war, famine or other calamity may also find herself forced into this position without her husband around to provide an income to the family. Then there is the lure of drugs, alcohol or other addictions. This grain of tragedy or poverty is at the center of almost all streetwalkers behind whatever cocky facade or brave face they put on their situation. Occasionally the mask will slip.



Being a slave is a very low rung on the great ladder of society, a muddied and half broken rung half stuck in the mud, but it is still higher than some and there is a hierarchy even among slaves. Pleasure slaves come somewhere near the top of that hierarchy, able to use their bodies to bend their owners at least slightly to their will, kept pampered and perfumed, well dressed and cared for like treasures if their owners are that wealthy. Otherwise a pleasure slave’s life is as bad as any other slave, whipped, beaten, left to eat scraps, dressed in sackcloth and with no life or choice of their own.

The best way for a slave to enter an adventuring party is as one of the other Player’s property – lucky them. The slave character in this instance may well end up as the party trap-checker and an auxiliary pack animal but, if they play well, they should be able to make themselves valuable enough, one way or the other, not to be used for those purposes.

Escaped slaves can be another useful way to get a slave adventuring. All that they have when they flee is themselves and many end up in even worse positions than they were as slaves, with only their bodies to trade in either sex or labour. Such a situation requires drastic measures to get out of and so they may turn their hand to the dangerous career of adventuring.

Skill Proficiencies: Any two skills.
Tool/Trade Proficiencies: One type of tools/trade you choose(service for your lord)
Equipment: A set of common clothes.

Feature: Know thy master

You were taught by the master how to act in their presence. Whenever in presence of the master and performing by his demand, skills you are proficient in count as if you had expertise in all those skills.

Roleplay Tips

Getting into the mindset of a real slave is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Slavery in the true sense of total ownership no longer exists in the real world and the fantasy games of certain areas of the BDSM scene and the dodgier parts of the internet in no way replicate what it would really mean to be owned body and soul by another human being. Slaves can be punished for nothing at any moment, killed on a whim, bought sold and disposed of like any other animal.

A slave may be played as rebelling against their chains or trying to manipulate their owner through their bodies. They may even be content to be a slave with the abdication of responsibility that brings, with devotion to their owner. Stockholm syndrome if you will.

Slavery is an uncomfortable subject that many feel ill at ease with but from the thralls of the Vikings to the institutionalized slavery of the Roman Empire slavery has been an important historical aspect and one worth exploring. In other words, there is more to it than wearing a studded collar and saying “yes master”.

In the context of the game it is probably best to just play it for laughs and stereotype and the anime Dragon Pink may provide some inspiration.