The wench guides herself through life with a zest for it, a joie de vivre and a big wobbly cleavage that carries everyone along with her. While rarely, if ever, following through on her flirtations the wench trades on her sexuality for favors, extra tips and the acceptance of others. Wenches dress to impress and to maximize their appeal, ale jugs not being the only ones on show, while being strong enough in themselves to turn away any unwanted attention, usually without insulting the one giving that attention.

Wenches tend to the serving professions, innkeepers, waitresses, healers and so forth one of the only things they hardly ever serve up on a platter is wench.

The wench is generally a more urban sort of character suited to intrigues and criminal type adventuring but she is capable and confident and able to take care of herself in other situations as well. The wench is a supporter and ‘mother’ to a group, taking care of them and making sure they are all provisioned and well looked after wherever they are. The wench makes a good supporting role getting involved in helping everyone else achieve the best.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Insight
Trade Proficiencies: Barmaid
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a small knife,and pouch with 5 gp.

Feature: Optimistic Spirit

You have learned how to spread optimism and cheer armed with just your smile. This has made you very resistant to negativity and dealing with at times very dangerous people you manage to keep your cool. You gain +1 to saves against fear and intimidation.

Roleplay Tips

The wench is a bottomless well of cheer, enthusiasm and good spirits able to lift those around her and help them forget their troubles. The wench should always be full of suggestions, even ones that in a very real and practical sense are utterly useless. She may not know much about anything but her optimism should carry her through and help others to think of better more practical plans.