Way of the Ki Master

The Ki Master has honed their ability to channel and manipulate bodily energy in such a way that they can unleash devastating attacks made of pure force. Their training is rigorous and blurs the lines between physical strength and mental prowess. The amount of Ki energy that they can contain within them is greater than that of most other monks, and allows them to transcend the limitations of even a perfect body, being able to fly and teleport through the air. This is a great subclass for a group missing an evocation spellcaster that might need access to area damage but still needs a fighting class on the front lines.es more effectively.

Ki Blast

At third level, you can spend one Ki point to unleash your Ki in a powerful blast of energy to damage your foes. This attack can take on a variety of forms that you choose. If the attack is concentrated on only one target, the damage is 2d10+your WIS modifier force damage and takes the form of either a ray or ball of energy launched from your hand and with a range of 60 ft. Alternatively, you may choose to widen the scope of your Ki blast into a 15 ft. cone, a 30 ft. line, or a 10 ft. radius burst (centered at a point up to 40 ft. away). Creatures caught in the area of one of these Ki blasts will take 2d6+your WIS modifier force damage. Regardless of the form of your Ki blast, a creature affected by it may make a DEX saving throw with a DC equal to that of your other Ki abilities. Creatures that succeed at this saving throw take half damage.

Ki Disciple

At third level, your maximum Ki points increases by 2.

Ki Charge

At sixth level, you can stand in place to charge your Ki Blast ability, gathering energy from your force of will and from the flow of energy in the environment. Your movement speed becomes 0 for the round and you cannot take actions, bonus actions, or reactions until your next turn. Each round that you spend charging your Ki blast costs 1 Ki point, but increases the damage of your next Ki blast made within the next 1 minute by 2 damage dice and increases the saving throw DC by 1.

Ki Radiance

At sixth level, you gain two new ways to use your Ki:

  • Energy Buffet: You may spend a Ki point using your reaction to gain resistance to all damage until the start of your next turn.
  • Burst of Power: You may spend a Ki point using a bonus action to gain +5 on your next Athletics skill check made before your next round.

Ki Flight

At eleventh level, you gain a Fly speed of 30 ft. as long as you have at least 3 Ki points remaining.

Ki Master

At eleventh level, your maximum Ki points increases by 2.

Instant Transmission

At seventeenth level, you can cast the spell Misty Step at will as long as you have at least 6 Ki points remaining.