Walk With Spirits

6th level Necromancy

Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a bit of a gravestone, and 75gp of incense which is consumed by the spell)
Duration: Concentration, 1 hour

As an action, you enter the realm of the dead, walking with the spirits of those whose bodies lie nearby. Best used in a graveyard or at the site of a battle, this spell allows the caster to s peak with the spirits for advice, knowledge, and guidance. However, it also leaves them vulnerable to retribution from angry ghosts.

When you cast this spelL you phase into the Border Ethereal You may not move more than 100 feet away from the original location where you cast the spell While in the Border Ethereal you call forward the spirits of any bodies interred nearby; you may then ask questions of the spirits as with the speak with dead spell. You may ask each spirit up to five questions before it is released These spirits are much freer to answer than with a typical speak with dead spell; the spirit may have learned something since its death, can speculate on the future, and might be able to suggest what questions to ask ifit is of the desire to do so. These spirits are not required to an51.ver truthfully, unless you command them to, in which case they will answer only three questions. Otherwise, these spirits can be asked five questions, before they are released from the spell.

Once released, the spirit is free to return to rest, or to attack you as a banshee, ghost, or spectre (DM’s choice} You DM has the stats for this creature.

A spirit might attack you if your questions disrespected or angered it, or if the person was antagonistic to you or your kind during life. Most spirits do not like being commanded in any way, and doing such might cause them to become angry. A spirit capable of possession will likely open with that ability, before resorting to other attacks. Once defeated, the spirit dissipates and returns to rest.
Usable by: Cleric, Wizard