However you have spent your life one running theme pervades even from early childhood, Missfortune. for however good or ill you acted in your youth, nothing went your way by chance, every accident, every chance encounter, every tiny missunderstanding sought your misery, having to grow up in this state of constant poor luck you grew apart from your kind, a pariah, few truely believed in your curse, but of those few, some fervently hated you, despising you for your seemingly cursed birth, and even playing a part in your missfortunes, fulfilling your sometimes prophetic falls. As time wore on you grew more accustomed to your  Missfortune, even learning a trade to survive by alone, without the support of those around you, even learning to live with your bad luck, either by accepting it, or treating it like an overarching curse that touches all around you.

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Perception
Tool Proficiency: One of your choice
Equipment: A broken Keepsake, an unwanted animal companion who hates you, Needle and Thread, two sets of common clothes, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Feature: Unlucky

You have inexplicable bad luck that seems to kick in at just the wrong moment. You have 3 bad luck points. Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, the DM can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20. They can choose to spend one of your luck points after you roll the die, but before the outcome is determined. They choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. They can also spend one luck point when an attack roll is made against you. Roll a d20, and then choose whether the attack uses the attacker’s roll or theirs. If more than one creature spends a luck point to influence the outcome of a roll, the points cancel each other out; no additional dice are rolled. You regain your expended luck points when you finish a long rest.

Unlucky Feats List

You might also like to take one of custom feats:

Suggested Characteristics

The Unfortunate are shaped by their experience in their communities and the missfortunes of their past. The specific misfortunes that befall them shape their attitudes interests and even alignment. Their flaws might be some hidden resentment at those they view not to be cursed, or a delusion that their is no such thing as luck for them.


d8 Personality Trait
1 I wish to be a Hero of my own story, just like those I’ve read in the many books that i have lost over the years.
2 I can barely tolerate people who complain about their problems, they should just shut up and deal with it.
3 I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.
4 Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
5 I quote (or misquote) ancient texts and proverbs in almost every situation.
6 I somehow ALWAYS walk under the places objects are thrown or fall.
7 I will always help someone who is in need, especially if luck played a roll in their missfortune.
8 I Just Don’t Understand Gambling. Just, Why?!
d6 Ideal
1 Order. Luck has no say on properly ordered facts and laws, Missfortune can be overcome with Logic and Thought. (Lawful)
2 Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
3 Change. There needs to come a change in this world, so that missfortune doesn’t befall Us ALL. (Chaotic)
4 Power. I don’t care what it takes, i will take the power to defy this curse from whoever has it. (Evil)
5 Faith. I trust that my deity will guide my actions. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well. (Lawful)
6 Aspiration. I seek to prove myself worthy by matching my actions against Heroes of old. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I would die to rescue someone from my own Misfortune.
2 I will someday get revenge whatever cursed me with this misfortune.
3 I owe my life to a person who took me in despite my cursed nature.
4 Everything I do is for the common people.
5 I will do anything to protect the people that can look past my awful luck.
6 I seek to destroy an entity or group that persecuted me for my missfortune.
d6 Flaw
1 I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
2 I put too much trust in those who look past my curse.
3 My distance from people has made me rather gullible to tricks and lies.
4 I’m not Unlucky at all, Everyone is just out to get me.
5 I am suspicious of strangers and expect the worst of them.
6 Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.