The Farmer

The most vital citizen of every land is the grower and provider of food. The farmer produces food in the form of crops and livestock. He works the land from before dawn to after dusk. He sets aside enough to pay taxes and save a little for his children. The farmer starts off at a young age, helping with minor chores until he grows into the harder tasks around the farm. In coastal regions, the fisher goes out on the water early to cast their nets, tending to their tools on land. Wherever you’re from, many stories and legends start with a farmboy, taking him off the land (or sea) he’d been raised on and into a grand adventure. But unlike the folk hero, the farmer proves them self on their journey rather than before it.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (Land), Either Carpenter’s Tools or Weaver’s Tools
Equipment: A pitchfork or shovel, a set of common clothes, an iron pot, a winter blanket, a small pouch containing 5 gp, and one of the following: three chickens, a goat, or three pounds of flour.

Simple Folk

Farmers of all types are scattered accross the land. You can select the type of farm you grew up on from the Farm Type table or roll randomly. If you wish to come from a more exotic type of farm, work with your GM to determine your origin.


d10 Farmer Type
1 Grain Farmer
2 Orchard Farmer
3 Rice Farmer
4 Vegetable Farmer
5 Vineyard Grower
6 Horse Breeder
7 Cattle Rancher
8 Shepherd
9 Poultry Farmer
10 Fisherman

Feature:Farmer’s Almanac

Thanks to a lifetime growing food in every imaginable condition, you are able to provide simple information and goods for your companions. You can accurately predict the weather in your area for the next week. You know what food is really worth, and you can often haggle a better price for produce.

Additionally, when looking for shelter in farmlands, the common folk are always willing to offer aid. Your hosts will provide shelter and a modest lifestyle, so long as you offer aid around the property. The hosts will not shelter you from the law if it would bring harm to themselves.

Suggested Characteristics

Farmers are humble folk, but strong folk. With simple values, they look at life through an optimistic lens. They have a strong work ethic and emphasize communal ties.


d8 Personality Trait
1 The wisdom of my ancestors gives me a unique outlook on life.
2 As a child, I played hero. Now I’m of age, I’m determined to become one.
3 Nothing is more important than a job well done.
4 I’ve never backed down from a barnyard brawl.
5 I may not be the best thinker, but there’s a simple solution to everything.
6 I celebrate the little things in life because I don’t know when hard times will hit.
7 Honesty is my greatest virtue, but sometimes I’m too blunt in my delivery.
8 I’m hard to bore. There’s always something I can do to improve myself.
d6 Ideal
1 Diligence. Don’t put off for tomorrow work that can be done today. Laziness is a vice. (Lawful))
2 Preparation. Like the seasons, life changes frequently. Prepare for change and you’ll come out on top. (Neutral)
3 Generous Pride. Watching another enjoy the fruits of your labor is one of life’s luxuries. (Good)
4 Freedom. The landlord can’t see everything that goes down in the stables. Enjoy life’s little opportunities to let loose and have fun. (Chaotic)
5 Pecking Order. Every animal has a social hierarchy. I’m the strongest, so what I say goes. (Evil)
6 Fairness. Everyone helps around the farm from a young age, favorite child or not. The family is strong when everyone does their part. (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 I set out to earn riches for my family so they don’t have to live harvest to harvest.
2 I’ve worked the land, I love the land, and I will protect the land at all cost.
3 Bandits rape and pillage my hometown. I will destroy those bandits some day.
4 My landlord is kind to his people. I will pay back that kindness and make him proud to be my liege.
5 I was born a slave but earned my freedom. I will become rich enough to free my family.
6 I am in love with a friend. I will do anything to protect their perfect smile.
d6 Flaw
1 I distrust and dislike meeting new people. Most people weren’t raised right.
2 I only know country-manners, and don’t know proper behavior in civilized settings. I ain’t no city boy.
3 I was born and raised a slave. I find it hard to stand up to authority figures.
4 I’m a gullible and naive countryboy. It’s easy for people to con me.
5 I’m a bit too fond of alcohol, and I don’t hold my liquor well.
6 I got a girl pregnant, and ran from the crossbow-wedding. I often regret that decision, and worry about my unknown child.