The Chosen One

You are destined for something greater—at least, that is what everyone says. You were raised under the assumption that you are fated to fulfill some ancient prophecy. The pressure to meet the impossible expectations set upon you is immense. Many think that you are set on an inevitable path, but deep down you wonder if it is possible to fight fate. Whether or not you try is your choice.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion
Languages: Two exotic languages of your choice
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a copy of the prophecy you are named in, a talisman of the god or other being that chose you, a journal, and a pouch of 15 gp.

Predestined Quest

For some reason or another, people have decided that you are a perfect fit for a prophecy. Discuss with your DM how the prophecy will play into your campaign, if it’s even true, and consider what your character thinks about their mission. Choose from the tables below or roll on the table to determine what the prophecy foretells that you will do. The first table shows what you are destined to accomplish, and the second table shows how you will supposedly do it.


d6 I Will…
1 Save the world from a dark, evil force
2 End a major war or other ongoing conflict
3 Free an oppressed people and raise them to up their former glory
4 Bring spiritual salvation
5 Cause the end of the world
6 The prophecy doesn’t mention what I’ll do


d6 Using…
1 An untapped ultimate power deep inside of me
2 An unstoppable weapon only I can wield
3 My cunning, skill, and/or determination
4 The power of some abstract virtue (love, honor, trust, etc.)
5 My own death
6 The prophecy doesn’t mention how I’ll do it

Feature: Mark of the Chosen

You have an unusual physical feature that marks you as being the chosen one, such as a strange birthmark, an oddly shaped scar, or an unnatural hair or eye color. It is in a highly visible place and will be noticed by most people who get a good look at you, unless you intentionally cover it up.

People who are familiar with the prophecy will recognize you immediately. If they believe in it and support your quest, they will be more willing to help you, as long as it doesn’t put them in danger. They can also be convinced to support you at whatever lifestyle they can reasonably afford. They may ask you to help them with their own problems using your supposed power. If they are against your quest, they will treat you with hostility, and may even attack you.

Suggested Characteristics

Chosen ones grow up with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Believing that they are destined for great things could either bolster their ego or plague them with doubts, depending on how they choose to cope.


d8 Personality Trait
1 As an important figure and potential role model, I must hold myself to high standards.
2 Destiny is on my side, why shouldn’t I be optimistic?
3 My quest is serious business. I have no time for games.
4 I carry myself with sureness and confidence, whether I feel that way or not.
5 They must have found the wrong person, I can’t be the chosen one.
6 I’ve been practicing dramatic speeches in preparation for my final confrontation.
7 I feel responsibility for the lives of everyone I meet.
8 I don’t like people knowing I’m the chosen one. It’s weird when they recognize me.
d6 Ideal
1 Destiny. will do whatever is foretold, no matter how difficult. (Lawful)
2 Heroism. I must help the world at all costs. (Good)
3 Fame. I am special, and I want everyone to know of my great deeds. (Any)
4 Free Will. Screw the prophecy, I do what I want. (Chaotic)
5 Power. When I acquire the power I am destined to wield, I will rule everything. (Evil)
6 Normalcy. I either avoid my quest or want to get it over with so my life can be normal. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I do great deeds to bring honor to my family name.
2 I keep a copy of the prophecy close to me and study it every night.
3 If I don’t succeed, my homeland will be doomed.
4 My teacher gave everything to prepare me for my quest, and I will not let them down.
5 I will supposedly meet my soulmate on my quest. I look forward to it.
6 I place my life in the hands of the god or other being who chose me.
d6 Flaw
1 The great good (or evil) I do in the future will override out any evil (or good) I do now.
2 The prophecy is very vague, so I don’t really know what I’m doing.
3 If I’m fated to do this great thing, nothing can kill me before then! Right?
4 I care more about taking advantage of my reputation than living up to it.
5 I fear I am too much of a coward to do what I must do in the end.
6 My quest is far more important than any of the petty goals my friends have.

Alternate Feature: Artifact of Fate

You carry with you some magical item that is central to your prophesied quest. This item may have superficial arcane qualities, such as giving off a faint glow or floating an inch above your hand when you hold it, but it has no magic with extra combat applications or other obvious uses. The item may be a magical version of a piece of starting equipment you would have anyway, such as a weapon or some adventuring gear, but it will have the same stats and effects as usual. It can also be an item rolled from the trinkets table, or something else that fits the criteria.

Your prophecy states that this item is important and that you must carry it with you at all time. You may or may not know what it is for and where you are supposed to bring it. The item may gain more useful magical properties when certain conditions are met, or trigger a special event when brought to a specific place or person. Discuss with your DM how this item will play into the campaign.