Among the lowliest and most recognizable ranks of “the oldest profession”, the streetwalkers are the public face of prostitution, standing on corners and hanging around the quays and docks soliciting business in their scandalous outfits and with their even more scandalous language. It is a hard life, one that toughens you and prepares you for the unexpected, but one that also takes a heavy toll on body and mind.

The streetwalker has access to a great deal of information, gossip and rumor in the form of pillow talk. They have a good handle on what goes on in the streets and can be privy to information from all levels of society depending on the tastes of those that use their services and the gossip of other whores. Some of this information can be acted upon and when that is the case the streetwalker might be able to make enough from her other activities not to have to walk the cobbles for a few more nights and walking in heels on cobbles is not easy.

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion and Investigation or Perception
Trade Proficiencies: Erotic performance or any other trade proficiency
Equipment: A set of worn rich clothes, a small knife, a fan, and pouch with 5 gp.

Feature: Word on the street

You can spend some time working on the streets from sundown to sunup. You can earn some money 4d8sp + Charisma(Persuasion) and you gain some local rumors, GM’s decision.

Roleplay Tips

Taking up work as a streetwalker is rarely something done by choice. It is often the only way for an unskilled woman to make her way in life and many turn to it in sheer desperation. A woman widowed by war, famine or other calamity may also find herself forced into this position without her husband around to provide an income to the family. Then there is the lure of drugs, alcohol or other addictions. This grain of tragedy or poverty is at the center of almost all streetwalkers behind whatever cocky facade or brave face they put on their situation. Occasionally the mask will slip.