Being a slave is a very low rung on the great ladder of society, a muddied and half broken rung half stuck in the mud, but it is still higher than some and there is a hierarchy even among slaves. Pleasure slaves come somewhere near the top of that hierarchy, able to use their bodies to bend their owners at least slightly to their will, kept pampered and perfumed, well dressed and cared for like treasures if their owners are that wealthy. Otherwise a pleasure slave’s life is as bad as any other slave, whipped, beaten, left to eat scraps, dressed in sackcloth and with no life or choice of their own.

The best way for a slave to enter an adventuring party is as one of the other Player’s property – lucky them. The slave character in this instance may well end up as the party trap-checker and an auxiliary pack animal but, if they play well, they should be able to make themselves valuable enough, one way or the other, not to be used for those purposes.

Escaped slaves can be another useful way to get a slave adventuring. All that they have when they flee is themselves and many end up in even worse positions than they were as slaves, with only their bodies to trade in either sex or labour. Such a situation requires drastic measures to get out of and so they may turn their hand to the dangerous career of adventuring.

Skill Proficiencies: Any two skills.
Tool/Trade Proficiencies: One type of tools/trade you choose(service for your lord)
Equipment: A set of common clothes.

Feature: Know thy master

You were taught by the master how to act in their presence. Whenever in presence of the master and performing by his demand, skills you are proficient in count as if you had expertise in all those skills.

Roleplay Tips

Getting into the mindset of a real slave is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Slavery in the true sense of total ownership no longer exists in the real world and the fantasy games of certain areas of the BDSM scene and the dodgier parts of the internet in no way replicate what it would really mean to be owned body and soul by another human being. Slaves can be punished for nothing at any moment, killed on a whim, bought sold and disposed of like any other animal.

A slave may be played as rebelling against their chains or trying to manipulate their owner through their bodies. They may even be content to be a slave with the abdication of responsibility that brings, with devotion to their owner. Stockholm syndrome if you will.

Slavery is an uncomfortable subject that many feel ill at ease with but from the thralls of the Vikings to the institutionalized slavery of the Roman Empire slavery has been an important historical aspect and one worth exploring. In other words, there is more to it than wearing a studded collar and saying “yes master”.

In the context of the game it is probably best to just play it for laughs and stereotype and the anime Dragon Pink may provide some inspiration.