Servant of the Goddess

Many religions have a sexual or sensual aspect to them because, well, it brings in the punters and puts bums on pews. Many goddesses are also goddesses of love, beauty or fertility and this means scantily clad priestesses and some very interesting wall friezes. Some of their priestesses and worshippers try to embody this aspect of their chosen deity in their lives as sexual healers, advisers and temple houris, using their bodies as temples to house worship of their chosen deity.

Many servants of the goddess can be stay-athome types, tending to the ministry of their local temple and their local community, rarely getting up off their backs. Others, the type that make better adventurers, take their faith on the road seeking converts and new knowledge to glorify their temple and to allow it to better serve their community, an excuse for traveling around and sleeping with a lot of people and calling it ‘religion’ in essence. These ones are the best basis for a character their inquisitive and acquiring natures, along with their more rampant sex drives, being better suited as a motivating force for a character.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, Persuasion
Trade Proficiencies: Erotic performance
Languages: One of your choice Equipment: A holy symbol(of your chosen deity), book of prayers, 5 sticks of incense, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch with 15gp.

Feature: Controversial stance

You are either seen as a bad or as a good influence wherever you make yourself known. If saw as good common people will welcome you with open arms offering food in order to bring your blessings, in more strict societies you are shunned except by deviant few. Your divine stances on love and sex should be wide known.

Roleplay Tips

The servant of the goddess is a devoted follower of their god and sex to them is a sacrament to be taken seriously in most cases, or perhaps to be seriously taken… to be studied and learned about and to be practiced to perfection within the rituals and rites of the temple. It is also, by no coincidence, a fantastic way to gain converts. The servant of the goddess should be played out as having a professional and personal obsession with the act of sex and without many of the hang-ups and cultural restrictions holding her back from indulging that interest. The servant of the goddess is used to open and frank discussions and lessons on the topic and will find it hard to adjust to the more puritanical ideals of others leading to many amusing problems in interactions with others.