School of Spectra

Spectra is not its own school. but rather one thought to have ties to many schools of magic. In some circles, study of the School of Spectra is derided, thought not to be a true school of magic. Spectra spells by their nature produce bright lights and flashing colors, and many times, spectra spells have variable effects that make them difficult to control. Only those of true intellect can see how spectra spells have underlying magical connections, and how to harness these abilities for one’s own gain.

Spectra Spells

Spell Level Spells
Cantrips dancing lights, light, ray of light, sacred flame
1st Level chromatic orb, color spray, faerie fire
2nd Level blinding color surge, rainbow burst
3rd Level daylight, hypnotic pattern, prismatic mist
4th Level blistering radiance, rainbow blast
5th Level prismatic ray
6th Level sunbeam
7th Level prismatic eye, prismatic spray
8th Level rainbow
9th Level prismatic wall

Spectra Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy a spectra spell into your spellbook is halved.

Any spectra spells not on your spell list are added to it.

Spectra Shield

Starting at 2nd level when you choose this school, you can form a shield of flashing colors to protect you from harm. As a reaction to being attacked or subjected to a saving throw, you can throw up a magical ward which will attempt to protect you from harm. When you make this reaction, you roll a d8, each result of which corresponds to a color. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain a magical effect that may aid you, depending on the color rolled.

At the beginning of your next turn, you can mentally seize the magical energy, hanging onto it. You can concentrate on the color for up to 1 minute, hanging on to the helpful effect. If you take a reaction to roll a new color; you immediately lose any color you may be concentrating on. Once you have used up a color, it is lost from your spectra shield If you roll that color after it has been used up, you reroll on the table until you gain a color that is available to you.

Each time you cast a spectra spell of 1st level or higher, all of the colors of your shield refill.

Spectra Shield


Roll d8
Color Effect
1 Red Fire damage resistance
2 Orange Acid damage resistance
3 Yellow Lightning damage resistance
4 Green Poison damage resistance
5 Blue Cold damage resistance
6 Indigo Piercing damage resistance
7 Violet Slashing damage resistance
8 Special Bludgeoning damage resistance

Rejuvenating Light

Beginning at 6th level, casting spectra spells comes so easily to you that being filled with flashing light actually invigorates you. When you cast a spectra spell of 2nd level or higher using a spell slot, you regain one expended spell slot. The slot you regain must be of a level lower than the spell you cast and can’t be higher than 5th level.

Boon of the Prism

Starting at 10th level, you can use your action to reach into the weave of magic, trying to find a valuable effect for yourself. When you do so, you roll a d8 and gain one of the following benefits, which lasts until you are incapacitated or you take a short or long rest.

While the boon is active, your body gives off a slight magical color reflecting the boon. You can suppress or renew the effect as an action on your tum.

Boon of the Prism Effects


Roll d8
Color Effect
1 Red Your body emits bright light in a 20-foot radius
2 Orange You can speak with animals
3 Yellow You can comprehend all written languages
4 Green You detect all magical effects within 30 feet of you
5 Blue All food and drink you touch is purified of poison and disease
6 Indigo You gain darkvision to a range of 60 feet
7 Violet You see invisible creatures within 10 feet and can see 60 feet into the Ethereal Plane
8 Special Roll twice on this table and keep both effects

Flashing Dreams

Beginning at 14th level, you can increase the powerful flashing effects of your spectra spells. Whenever you roll a die to determine the effect of a spell or magical effect, you can spend an additional spell slot of any level to instead roll two dice and keep both results. Once you roll a die, you must keep the result, you can’t roll twice and then only choose to keep one.