School of Peeping Scryer

The peeping scryer whiles away their time watching, pausing only when absolutely necessary. They do not care much about personal hygiene and their social skills are very often completely retarded by the amount of time they spend seeing beyond and playing with their (crystal) balls. None are so accomplished in the art of scrying as these mages and they allow nothing to get in the way of their spying eyes, be it magical wards around the female dormitory of the magical college or the power of the gods protecting the school for wayward halflings.

Peeping scryers are a menace but few will even know they are scryed upon, watched through the hours by the creepy little mages, every aspect of their lives faithfully noted and recorded and every mole on their buttocks mapped out with the diligence and care of an astrologer mapping the stars.

Divination Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy an divination spell into your spellbook is halved.

Enhanced Senses

Beginning at 2nd level, honed to a keen edge by squinting into crystal balls, mirrors and bowls of water in order to try and get a better peep at the jiggling fun show that is the local hot springs, the peeping scryer is used to focusing their senses and concentrating in order to pick up extra details of anything they are looking at. This translates into gaining proficiency in Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) and advantage to Spell Attacks for purpose of overcoming protective spells against your divination.

Never Forget An Arse

Starting at 6th level, if a peeping scryer has observed anyone via magical means such as scrying they will always know that person if they see them again, whether in person or via scrying. No roll is required and no magical or mundane disguise will protect the person from being identified as long as the scryer can see them (for example, the target of an invisibility spell is immune to this ability).


Still Spell

Starting at 10th level, From a great deal of practice the peeping scryer has learned to cast spells without using their hands. From now on you can cast any spell you have without using Somatic component in the spell.


Potent Scrying

At 14th level when searching for anything using scrying or any other far seeing, far hearing spell. You have double proficiency bonus to add to spell attack and your spell save.