School of Manipulation

These mages see themselves as selfless assistants to mankind, offering their bountiful knowledge of biology and the ways of love and lust to their fellow man to ease their difficulties and bring joy and harmony between partners across the world. In some cases this self assessment may indeed be true, but in the vast majority of cases a blue mage setting themselves up in such a way is doing so merely to get gossip, listen to the sordid details of other people’s sex lives and blackmail them.

Even while ripping people off for all they have the mage does perform a useful service for those who come to them, and patrons tend to develop a near fanatical loyalty to their favorite mage. Particularly successful ones in the larger cities may even find themselves given a regular article in society newsletters or invited to balls and functions that would otherwise be too far above their station to attend.

The mage understands that there is no one who is completely happy with the way they look, how they perform in bed or completely confident of their partner’s fidelity. If the changes and solutions mage recommended worked well, or forever, they would do themselves out of a job but nonetheless the advice they offer can help, for a while. No matter how many times they go to the mage these people will never be sure or secure and so they always come back again for more.

Specialized Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, chose a school of magic.The gold and time you must spend to copy a spell of chosen school into your spellbook is halved.


Beginning at 2nd level, you gain proficiency in Deception and Persuasion.


Starting at 6th level, you may spend 15 minutes boasting and giving advice your ally and grant him for next hour +1d4 to Wisdom checks and saves.

In addition you can get in conversations with anyone and try to pry even most personal information from them. When you do this target must do a Wisdom save versus your spell save or blurt out something he shouldn’t. You may not choose what kind of information is it exactly, GM will give you a single piece of personal information target character knows, but information should be useful in some way. (for example, “I like dressing up in my wife’s clothes” is a more likely outburst than “The switch to open the secret door? It’s right behind that painting.”)


Starting at 10th level, you are so good at gaining people’s confidence and seaming like a friendly and trustworthy individual that people will follow your advice without thinking it through properly. This ability functions like suggestion spell, but it is not magical effect.

To avoid it target must make a Wisdom save versus 8 + Charisma(Deception) or follow your advice without a thought, provided it does not directly and immediately threaten life and limb. The advice must be solicited but need not have anything to do with the problem originally presented to you. You could advise a phobic to face their fear of spiders by venturing into the spider cave with a sword to “battle the manifestation of their fear,” but could not advise someone to jump off a cliff.

Once they have followed your advice, or been enchanted and had it wear off, the target is fully aware of what a crock they have been sold and will probably be extremely angry.


At 14th level you appear to be such a nice person and so trustworthy that people who know you could never believe any ill stories about you. You gain advantage to Charisma(Deception) and Charisma(Persuasion) checks.

Also, if you are implicated in a crime(or other illegal or immoral act), any other suspects that there may be are always investigated first with a distinct bias in your favor. If no other suspects are immediately apparent, there will always be a detailed investigation that will turn up at least one possibility up before you are ever investigated.