Rising Star

The rising star comes from the lowest of the low, not lawyers as you might suspect, but rather the poverty stricken underclasses of the great fantasy cities. She looks up from her gutter dwelling and her sackcloth pants and sets her sights on making a better life for herself where a rotting rat carcass is not considered a lovely Sunday meal, determined to do whatever and whoever is needed to drag herself up from her humble beginnings. Anyone who crosses her path is to be used, bypassed or destroyed and no terror can hold any meaning to one who has had to eat plague infested rat carcasses to survive. To the rising star her body is just another tool, albeit one larger than a lockpick, another commodity to help keep her from the gutter and one she is willing to trade quite cheaply to get what she wants.

Any opportunity for wealth is grasped by the rising star, however dangerous – be it snatching someone’s golden genital piercing or taking on a dangerous task. The possibility of gold or a quick death is far preferable to returning to the rat-infested slums to live out the rest of your days. The rising star is a good instigator of adventures, being willing – as she is – to consider the wilder schemes and riskier enterprises and willing to drag others along with her to increase her chance of success, if necessary at their expense.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Slight of Hand
Tool Proficiencies: One type of tools (Example: a music instrument, forgery kit, disguise kit etc.)
Equipment: A chosen set of tools, set of common clothes, a random trinket up to 1gp value, belt pouch with 5 gp, small knife.

Feature: Anything for bread

You have spent most of your life doing anything and everything. When put to a pinch you are incredibly adopt to find any work for “quick copper piece”. This job is not highly paid, but may be better then stealing and getting thrown in jail.

Roleplay Tips

The rising star is dedicated to her own survival above all else, not a single thing matters more than her staving off poverty and doing well for herself. This makes for a particularly ruthless style of play that, while it is not evil, can precipitate evil acts. Every choice and every decision must be made as though it were life or death. Which choice best promotes their longterm survival and keeps them further from the gutter? That is the only criteria for making a decision whether it is a choice to accept the attentions of a fat and loathsome merchant or to steal a rare diamond.