Rebellious Princess

The rebellious princess rejects a life of luxury, tradition and expectation to cut her own path in the world. Filled with unrealistic dreams about the world outside, probably garnered from minstrels songs and storybooks, determined to escape the strictures of their upbringing, the princess (who can also be a wealthy merchant’s daughter or someone raised in a religious organization) rebels by running away and often getting involved in the worst things the world has to offer in a sudden orgy of exploration and self gratification. This is very much like leaving an all-girl Catholic school.

The rebellious princess is a combination of burning curiosity, willingness and appalling naïveté. A wonderful combination for getting into adventuring scrapes and meeting entirely the wrong kind of men but a poor choice for execution of those adventures. The rebellious princess is most often out of her depth and struggling to cope with the new situations that she also finds compelling. The rebellious princess may also be pursued by her family, or whatever organization raised her in such a cloistered fashion, giving rise to many other adventuring story opportunities.

Skill Proficiencies: Special
Tool Proficiencies: One type of tools (Example: a music instrument, forgery kit, disguise kit etc.)
Equipment: A chosen set of tools, Set of fine clothes, a small meaningful trinket, Set of 3 rings and one necklace each worth 10gp.

Feature: Learning on the go

When you choose this background you lose any learned skills(even class). Instead you gain Jack of all Trades, as per bards feature. You may chose as you adventure on to take skills until you have used up all the skill slots(starting class and bonus two background proficiencies). But when you reach level 5 you must spend any unspent skill slots to represent your character’s maturity.

Roleplay Tips

The princess is curious but utterly hopeless. She knows of the outside world only what might have been glimpsed through windows or read about in storybooks. The reality of the world and its situation escapes her, meaning that she takes almost everything she hears at face value and lacks guile. Within a week of leaving home she is likely to have gotten dead drunk, had a sordid sexual encounter and to have been robbed. The princess should be played in an active manner constantly seeking new experiences and rebelling against the values of those who raised her. If they were a teetotal and respectable religious sect then she will be curious about alcohol and raucous parties, if they were a rich family she will seek to learn how the poor live and will take peculiar and insulting delight in doing their chores – badly. The princess is a whirlpool around which other events and people revolve.