Random Trinket Table

How to Use: Roll 1d10 and 1d100/percentile die and go to the corresponding number on the list. If you don’t have a d10 or percentile die, you can use random.org with the lowest number set at 1 and the highest at 100.

  1. A small, folded paper bird. When unfolded, it refolds itself. Any crumples or tears on it seem to fix after several minutes.
  2. A plain thimble, with absolutely nothing particularly interesting about it.
  3. A glass marble that looks a bit like a lizard’s eye. It’s always a bit cold to the touch.
  4. An earring made from a tiny tooth, wrapped in thin twine.
  5. A dried yellow tulip bulb that becomes healthy and opens again when brought into especially strong sunlight.
  6. A bracelet made from a lattice of woven brass. It adjusts to the wrist size of its wearer.
  7. A shimmery token depicting a violin and a sword. It smells a bit like ash.
  8. A tiny vial of rosewater. It takes a bit of effort to open.
  9. A rather clunky cube of dark wood, engraved with hypnotizing patterns.
  10. A grey, stone statuette of a woman. It’s exceptionally detailed for its size, as even the folds in her cloak look almost lifelike.
  11. A formal letter that is very badly seared and charred. It’s impossible to decipher because of the damage.
  12. A blue candle that smells of fruit. It’s fragrance is very weak.
  13. An assortment of pieces from cracked eggshells. Most are a pale creamy color, like the egg of a chicken. Some larger pieces are a deep purple.
  14. A porcelain doll about the length of a human’s index finger. The face is chipped away.
  15. A necklace made from leather cord, with six ceramic beads. Each bead is painted a different color.
  16. A vial filled with a thick, syrupy liquid. It tastes and smells cloyingly sweet.
  17. A black flask with a gaping hole in its side. It’s covered in punctures that look like bite marks.
  18. A silky cloth fraying quite badly around its edges. It’s almost reflective in its lustrous sheen.
  19. A violet ring that always seems to be a bit too tight on the wearer’s finger/
  20. A sewing needle made from some type of otherworldly metal.
  21. A lace choker with a light jewel in the center. Wearing it to sleep seems to give you terrible nightmares.
  22. A maroon eye patch, covered in fine embroidery that depicts tangled rose vines.
  23. A smooth, round stone about the size of a human fist. It feels oddly heavy.
  24. A polished wooden carving of a fish. It turns a vibrant green when placed in water.
  25. A mirror in a simple frame. Looking into it for too long makes you feel uneasy.
  26. A set of three clay dice, painted with black pips.
  27. A ragged notebook. It contains nothing but the same soup recipe, over and over.
  28. A chunk of rusted metal covered in dents.
  29. A glazed porcelain pipe. Everything about it seems vaguely familiar, but you aren’t sure why.
  30. A crudely made wool glove. It’s always pleasantly warm.
  31. A somewhat oval-shaped… thing. You think it might be really, really stale bread.
  32. A pair of glasses. The frame looks as good as new, but the lenses are stained, cloudy, and cracked.
  33. A crystal that looks like it holds trapped smoke. It gets scratched easily.
  34. A velvet pouch filled with coarse sand. It feels weightless.
  35. A trio of matching bracelets, made from knotted thread. You’re almost certain there’s supposed to be four of them.
  36. A bronze brooch in the shape of a feather. It lets off a faint glow.
  37. A single dragon scale, worn away by time.
  38. A bolt of cashmere that never seems to get dirty.
  39. A hollow reed that creates a low, soft whistle when blown.
  40. A bottle of some type of potent-smelling tonic. It’s taste is gritty and bitter, and somewhat reminiscent of charcoal.
  41. A hairpin set with an iridescent opal. The gem appears to change color every day.
  42. A leaf that cannot decay. Purple speckles dapple its surface whenever it’s in the dark.
  43. An uncanny face etched into a piece of dead wood.
  44. A figurine of a cat, perpetually coated in a layer of dust.
  45. A waterskin filled with a slick, greasy oil. Patterns of snakes cover its sides.
  46. A silver coin. It’s precisely geometric in its patterning and shape, and is too thick and large to be practical as currency.
  47. An empty section of honeycomb. It causes an almost electric tingle if touched to bare skin.
  48. A pale ring set with a piece of a viper’s tooth. A quiet rumbling sound emanates from it.
  49. A large tome, written in a long-dead language. Some of the pages are stained with a deep red.
  50. A single tile that appears like it was from some type of mosaic mural. It’s a dull green in color.
  51. A lock of fur tied into a tight bundle with a parchment scrap beside it. It reads, ‘Pelt Sample #027’.
  52. A pouch of bitter tea leaves. Their aftertaste is unsatisfying and almost sour.
  53. A jagged arrowhead, cracked into a shape reminiscent of a fox’s head.
  54. A human eye floating in pickling fluid, within a nearly opaque jar. It makes you feel like you’re being watched.
  55. A button for a tunic, made from a pearly seashell.
  56. A bottle of bone fragments suspended in rum.
  57. A gilded teacup, laced with a spiderweb of thin cracks. Despite the cracks, it never seems to break.
  58. A slip of tattered paper covered in something resembling letters. It seems to be a poem written in an old language.
  59. A tightly rolled scroll. Reading reveals it to be someone’s diary. They had a dramatic life, apparently.
  60. A faux gold necklace. The charm on it is a glass pendulum filled with murky ink.
  61. A bamboo sword hilt. It has no blade.
  62. A rudimentary map. It doesn’t seem to resemble anywhere you’ve ever heard of.
  63. A scrap of canvas like cloth depicting a crude drawing of a cottage surrounded by rolling meadows.
  64. An empty bottle that once held expensive wine.
  65. A simple, copper belt buckle.
  66. A twisted, grey wooden walking cane sized for a halfling.
  67. An ornate, tarnished key with two prongs. Neither end seems to be able to open anything.
  68. A rich, purple hand fan. Intricate designs of peacocks cover it’s surface when unfolded.
  69. A chalky powder in a leather pouch. It’s edible, but doesn’t taste like anything.
  70. A fossilized snail, entombed in limestone.
  71. A gelatinous packet of fluids. When squeezed, it secretes a harmless, odorless, clear fluid.
  72. A simple piece of dead coral. You feel comforted when you hold it.
  73. A sturdy pocketwatch that hasn’t been working for a long time. It’s missing quite a few gears.
  74. A slab of chipping clay. Dozens of names are written on its surface.
  75. A tiara made from impossibly intricate patterns of wood. It doesn’t seem to fit anyone who tries to wear it.
  76. A marble pyramid, small enough to fit in a human’s palm. When you hold it, shadows seem to flicker in the corners of your vision.
  77. A basic white ribbon. While it is on your person, you find it difficult to fall asleep.
  78. A wax seal from a letter. The crest in the wax is intricate, and looks important.
  79. An urgent letter requesting help. It’s from over a hundred years ago, but its linguistics are more suited to more current times.
  80. An anklet made from liquid blood, held together by odd magic.
  81. A vial of saturated orange paste. It’s labelled as dye, but it doesn’t actually do anything.
  82. A small case of nearly transparent powder. It seems to make your skin softer.
  83. A key ring with eleven keys. All of the keys are melted together, making them entirely useless.
  84. A pair of stockings that make your feet feel itchy.
  85. A broken wooden toy, shaped like a horse. Two of it’s legs are missing.
  86. A flute that makes no sound, no matter how it is played. It’s surface is a shimmery grey.
  87. A heartfelt poem about unrequited love on a pristine scroll.
  88. A battered leather shoe, filled with dozens of dead spiders.
  89. A stone tablet, with etchings of great heroes covering it. All of their eyes are scratched out.
  90. A sketch depicting a wilting rose. It makes you feel bleak.
  91. A flamboyant masquerade mask with large, rare feathers coming from one side. There’s a small chip under the left eye.
  92. A monocle with no lens.
  93. A ragged piece of burlap with the symbol of a wealthy merchant inked onto it.
  94. A stuffed fairy dragon, evidently done by a horrible taxidermist. Its face is part way caved in.
  95. A set of smooth iron bangles. They have a decent weight to them, as if they’re pure rather than plated.
  96. A serrated beak. You aren’t sure what kind of creature it’s from, but you don’t want to meet it.
  97. A broad cavalier hat. It’s a bit old, but it’s still fairly stylish.
  98. An ornate saucer painted with scenes of songbirds in flight. Whenever you aren’t looking directly at it, the birds seem to move.
  99. A slab of greasy animal fat, wrapped in layers of cheap, thin paper. It smells of the woods.
  100. A wooden birdhouse, painted and carved to look like a castle.