Primal Path

Primal Shifters can come from various pasts, such as an ancestor afflicted with lycanthropy, the child of a druid, or had their blood infected by a certain animal. No matter what has caused their blood to change, primal rangers tap into the savagery of nature to enhance their bodies through short intense burst of shapeshifting.

Primal Blood

At 3rd level you choose which type of animal heritage pulses through your veins, you gain certain traits based on this choice. As an action once after taking a long or short rest you may shift into a hybrid form of your race and the animal for 10 minutes.

  • Bat: You gain blindsight out to 30 feet, at level 14 you gain 30 feet of flight.
  • Bear: You gain + 1 AC, at level 14 you gain a +2d4 to damage rolls made with melee weapons.
  • Bull: You cannot be forcefully moved or knocked prone, at level 14 if you move at least 10 feet before you attack your next melee weapon attack deals 2d8 more damage, this can only be used once per turn.
  • Falcon: Darkvision out to 1 mile, at level 14 you gain the effects of the Jump spell while transformed.
  • Frog: You gain water breathing, a swim speed of 30 feet and can fight in water unhindered, at level 14 you may try to grapple a creature within 15 feet of you with your tongue as a bonus action.
  • Monkey: You gain advantage on opposed grapple attempts, at level 14 you may grapple up to 3 targets at once and qualify as a creature one size larger on grapple attempts.
  • Mouse: You may squeeze through spaces only a tiny creature or larger creature can, at level 14 you gain the evasion ability.
  • Owl: You gain advantage on stealth attempts and may hide as a bonus action, at level 14 you hover in place and don’t touch the ground, and your may dash as a bonus action.
  • Snake: Your reach increases by 5 feet, at level 14 you may take the dodge action as a bonus action.
  • Wolf: You gain the scent ability out to 120 feet, at level 14 you gain advantage on attacks if your animal companion is within 5 feet of your target.

Wild Surge

Starting at level 6 you can emulate the shape shift ability and may shift into the same type of creature as your animal companion, this works like the Druid’s Wild Shape feature, except you must transform into an exact replica of your animal companion, you may do this once per day and it lasts for a number of hours equal to a third of your Ranger level, you may end this at any time you wish.

Family Ties

At level 9, you are able to speak with animals of the same primal heritage, your social skills have advantage against them. Additionally your attacks while in animal form count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non magical attacks and damage.

Wild Surge Enhancement

At level 11, Gain an additional use of your Wild Surge. Additionally, You may transform into an additional form that is less than or equal to the Beast Template CR for your level. It should be the same Heritage as your Animal Companion, but if there is not one, use the Advancement system for Beast Master for a lower CR creature.

Primal Morph

Beginning at 14th level your Primal Blood feature improves, additionally you may use this ability up to a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier after a short or long rest.


At 18th level you may choose an additional Primal Blood shape to transform into when you use this ability, you may also grant your animal companion a Primal Blood form that you currently have while you are in this form.