Path of a Witchdancer

“We are the blades! Running screaming in to the fray. Our enemies run at the sounds of our blades cutting our throats screaming! Come my brothers and sisters may we bathe in the blood of our fallen enemies. May our gods watch our glory. If they do not to nine hells with them. Blood!”

Barbarian women worshiping totem animal spirits or crazed berserk women may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In this case what we have are religious warrior women for whom charging into blood crazed battle armed with blades, claws teeth, while wearing only skimpily clad armor. Weather she is chose by tribe for her strength and devotion to honorable battle, or someone driven to insanity fighting and killing to end her pain. The build fits almost any setting. In case youd like a man to be one of witch dancers no problem. It is not gender that defines ones devotion to battle fury.

Some women in barbaric tribes can strive for position of a witchdancer. The witch dancer is both a tribal religious person and a savage warrior. Fighting style resembles a mighty dance in the battle field. Anyone seeing the witchdancer may choose to underestimate her, but be warned for in her runs the fury of destructive rage.

Focus on light bladed weapons such as daggers, short-swords, scimitars is recommended since abilities at higher levels will focus on this aspect of fighting rather then regular massive weapons barbarians usually employ.

Dual Wield Mastery

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, when you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the offhand weapon attacks (usually using bonus action to make this attack).

Furious Dance

At 3rd level, when you adopt this path, you have completed a blood ritual. While raging you may choose to activate a Furious Dance. If you do you may after every attack that deals damage, gain temporary hit points equal to proficiency bonus + Charisma bonus. These hit points expire as soon as the rage ends. Furious dance also ends if you do not attack for 1 round or no one attacks you.

Battlefield Fury

Beginning at 6th level, while in Furious Dance you can scale the battle field like no one else. Breaking through enemy lines, spinning, ducking jumping over the enemies with such ease you that you could be flying. When provoking attacks of opportunity all attacks are made with disadvantage and you may move through enemy space as if it was difficult terrain, and your move must end on an empty square.

Thousand Cuts

Beginning at 10th level, you become a fighting horror. You grow nails sharp as daggers, and you gain weapon mastery over light bladed finesse weapons. While you are wielding a dagger and or unarmed, you do 2d4 piercing or slashing damage, this ability substitutes original weapon damage of unarmed attacks, daggers and short swords, scimitars and similar light bladed weapons with finesse. Your unarmed attacks count as finesse weapons.

Witches Cuts

While you are in Furious Dance you add your charisma bonus to all damage rolls you do equal to your charisma bonus (minimum +1). If you hit a single creature twice on your turn you may spend a bonus action to make a single attack against the same target scoring a critical damage on hit.


I’d like to thank my gaming group for playtesing these builds whose feedback helped me shape this fun class option, and i would like to direct special thanks to Sanja Grbic aka Rigrena on

Sanja Grbic “Rigrena“