Oath of the Spellguard

The Spellguard paladins have been protected magic, and magic users throughout the ages. However, those who choose to use their abilities for harm are dealt justice in the swiftest of ways. These paladins were born with magic, rather than deities bestowing it upon them. For this reason, they wish all to embrace this wonderful world …

Tenets of a Spellguard

Equality. Magic is for everyone regardless of race, gender, etc.

Humility. Magic can be wonderful if properly used. It can restore and even take life. We must respect our power.

Open mind. While many paladins believe certain magic practices are profane. We try to uphold our tenant of Equality, and judge only those on their intention of the magic. Ex., to harm others.

Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.


Paladin Level Spells
3rd Compelled Duel, Identify
5th Nystul’s Magic Aura, Warding Bond
9th Sleet Storm, Dispel Magic
13th Elemental Bane, Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum
17th Wall of Force, Circle of Power

Channel Divinity

When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Arcane Revitalization. Your blessed ability now has another use. As an an action, when you use your Channel Divinity, you must touch an ally and expend points from your Lay on Hands pool. You may restore expended spell slots equivalent to 10 points per spell level to a maximum of 50. E.g. 20 points will restore a 2nd level or two 1st level spells.

Restorative Pulse. When you Channel your divinity, you release an aura of restoration. For one minute, you may use your action to heal all allies equal to half your level in a 10 ft. radius from you. At 18th level this aura extends to 30 feet.

Aura of the Mages

At 7th level, spells cast within the aura become stronger and deadlier to your enemies.

Helpful Hitting . Whenever you or an allies spell deals damage within the aura, all 1s become to 2s.

Absorption. Whenever an you or an ally are affected by a damaging spell. You may use your reaction to lessen the blow, and treat each die rolled as one number lower (minimum of 1). (Ex., 5s become 4s, 2s become 1s, etc.) You may use this ability 3 times, and you regain the expended uses after a long rest

At 18th, level the Aura extends to 30ft.

Bountiful Knowledge

At 15th level, you become proficient with the Arcana skill. If you’re already proficient, you may double your proficiency bonus. In addition, whenever you roll an Arcana check and roll lower than a ten you may treat the roll as a 10.

Mage’s Champion

At 20th level, you become the pinnical mediator of magic. You have resistance to spell damage. In addition, whenever a spell is cast withing 5 ft. of you, you may use your reaction and make a melee attack against the enemy caster. On a hit you may spend 25 points from your Lay on Hands pool. Doing so severs the connection with that spell and the caster must complete a Long Rest in order to be able to cast it again.