Nymph Bloodline

Your innate magic comes from powerful entities coming from the beautiful fey like plane of Lust. Sometimes these beings create powerful bonds with mortals that sometimes result in blessing the entire bloodline with innate power of magic. So in short you might be the first in your bloodline, or one that gained this power as gift from the entity to do as you please, circumstances under which a sorcerer is made could be many, but all nymph bloodline sorcerers have unique approach in using their powers.

Nymph Ancestry

At 1st level, you gain the nymphs charming beauty, or handsomeness. When you take this bloodline it charges your magical powers with fay beauty causing to increase your Charisma by 2. And causing your charisma score to be able to increase up to a maximum of 22 instead of natural 20.

Chanel Lust Energies

Starting at 1st level, you can infuse your charm spells with remarkable potency by channeling power of your ancestor. Causing any charm spell you cast to be infused with lust energies. Target has to save that spell with a disadvantage.

However doing this comes with a price. You must then make a Wisdom save against your Spell Save DC to restrain yourself from being engulfed with the very power you summoned. Should you fail you must seek out a way to act out on your instinct(have sex, apply toys, masturbate…) or the energies will consume you and leave you fatigued. Should you choose to fight it and if any target is trying to get you into sack you must make a Wisdom save with a disadvantage against targets Charisma(Deception) DC (8 + Charisma(Deception)). Or become charmed.

You may use this ability again when you finish a short or long rest.

Unearthly Charm

At 6th level, you gain resistance to psychic damage and are immune to secondary effect from such spells(example: nightmare). In addition whenever you cast a charm, or illusion spell that targets one or more targets. You may target one additional target within range of the spell.

Unearthly Beauty

Starting at 6th level, you become in the eyes of most people shockingly beautiful. This may manifest in many ways like having hair turn sparkly beautiful, cleavage gets fairly bit rounded and shaped, package gets noticeable and Eyes get seductively piercing, your sweat starts smelling sweet and flowery… This causes you to become fairly bit noticeable and attract lots of good and bad attention.

This ability grants casters spells with charm effect to apply disadvantage to saves of those within 10 feet of the caster.

Natural Innocence

Starting 14th level, you become so beautiful that people looking at you believe you can’t do no harm so will hardly ever wish to cause harm to you. You generate an 10 foot aura around you that causes all humanoids that are not immune to charm to do a Wisdom save. If they fail save they are unable to attack you. They may however attack anyone else instead. Creatures that you caused damage to are immune to this effect until they finish a short or long rest.

Nymphotic Charm

Beginning at 18th level, you can channel the full power of your ancestral heritage. As an action you may cast your voice and charm to force every creature within 60 feet that can both see and hear you to become charmed by you for the next hour. All within this area are allowed a Wisdom save to avoid this effect. But all who are charmed are driven by unearthly desire to please you and will follow any command you give. Only way to break free from this effect is to cast restoration, remove curse, dispel and those affected can try another Wisdom save if ordered to do something completely against their nature, or that would endanger them. You may use this ability again after you finish a long rest.