Mordykenen’s Wonderful Brothel

8th-level Conjuration (Ritual)

Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, F (Arcane Focus: A lewd picture on a folded piece of paper.)
Duration: 24 hours

Sometimes you want comfort and a little hospitality as well as shelter, which is where this spell comes in. With a casting of this spell you conjure up a pleasurable redoubt within the plane of lust, a magnificent floating brothel hovering in the pinkish clouds of that realm. The brothel has an impressive lobby leading to other rooms that are all decorated to the caster’s taste and staffed with creatures from the plane of lust, ready and willing to perform any favour for those who gain entry.

The brothel has a single entrance on the plane from which it was cast that will only allow entry to those the caster has named. Others either do not see it or are repelled by an invisible force.
There is enough in the way of candies, sweetmeats and nibbles to feed a up to 12 people. The rooms are self-cleaning and there are baths and fresh water available for those who want them. A crystal window in the lobby provides a stunning view of the clouds and the landscape of the plane far below.
This spell may be recast to maintain the brothel indefinitely and even if it is allowed to fade the exact same place with the exact same staff may be recreated the next time the spell is cast, if so desired.