Malagard, The Hag Countess

Originally a night hag from Hades, the Hag Countess became one of the chief advisers of Moloch, the former Lord of the Sixth Level of Hell. She counseled him to rebel against Asmodeus during the Reckoning of Hell, and when Moloch was overthrown, Asmodeus installed her in his place.

However, Asmodeus had only promoted the Hag Countess so that the other Lords of the Nine would not notice his designs. He installed his daughter Glasya as the new Lord of the Sixth and caused the Hag Countess’ body to grow to gargantuan size and  rupture, turning the formerly mountainous world, Malbolge, into a realm of decaying flesh. While Glasya now rules Malagard’s former layer of Hell, The Hag Countess has not been utterly destroyed. Her power can still be felt by those who she has made pacts with, and rumors have spread that she housed pieces of her essence in nine heartstones. Wielders of these heartstones, night hags known as the Blackwinged Coven, come together each year and channel dark magic into the essence of Malagard, slowly returning her to power through sacrifice and other vile ways. The Blackwinged Coven itself has been known to bestow a warlock pact, but to what end?

Expanded Spell List

Malagard lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlcok spell list for you.

Disciple of Malagard Expanded Spells

Spell Level Spells
1st disguise self, ray of sickness
2nd alter self, enlarge/reduce
3rd lightning bolt, stinking cloud
4th phantasmal killer, polymorph
5th cloudkill, contagion


At 1st level, your form immediately changes to that of a hideous, horrific creature that only barely resembles your former appearance. Your skin dulls to a pale white, swamp green, or bruised purple. You become gaunt-like in your face, as your skin thins and pulls against your bones while your muscles look weak and withered. To those who have seen the frightening sight of a hag may suspect you are some half-hag or twisted fey-creature. To most, however, you are old, ugly, and diseased looking.

Your skin toughens, however, and when you are not wearing armor or using a shield you have an armor class equal to 13 + your Dexterity modifier. Additionally, as a bonus action, you may transform your hands to that of ghastly long fingers and claws. If you do so, you may make a melee spell attack with them when you take the Attack action and deal 1d8 + your Charisma modifier in damage. At 5th level, you may make two attacks when you take the Attack action with your claws. At 11th level you make three attacks and at 17th level you can make four. You can dismiss your claws as a bonus action.


At 6th level, you know that you cannot always function properly when in your normal form. You gain the ability to change your shape. As an action, you magically polymorph into a Small or Medium sized humanoid of your sex, or back into your true form. Your statistics are the same in each form. Any equipment you are wearing or carrying does not transform. You revert to your true form if you die.

Boon of the Blackwinged Coven

At 10th level, your form intensifies to that of a true Disciple of The Hag Countess. Your jaw disjoints and your voice shifts to that of a gutteral, cruel tone. A long, blood red tongue always slashes around your mouth, neck, and chest. Your eyes draw inward, blackened but for the glowing red orb in each. A crimson color stains your feet up to your thighs and your hands up to your forearms, as though you walked in a shallow lake of blood and splashed playfully. And finally, two heavy, huge black wings protrude from your back, weighing on you as you hunch over to support their massive weight.

Your claws now deal 1d10 damage instead of 1d8 and are always present as they are part of your true form. You also gain a flying speed equal to double your movement speed. Finally, creatures who are not prepared for your horrific appearance and first see your true form must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 minute. They may roll again to overcome this fear at the beginning of their turn. Creatures who save against this fear effect are immune to it forever.

Soul Trader

At 14th level, you learn two rituals that create two powerfully

magical items: the soul bag and the heartstone. Creating each item requires 1 hour each. To create the soul bag, you must stitch together human flesh and call upon cruel magic during the ritual. To create the heartstone, you must remove the heart of a creature who witnessed the death of a loved one in front of them within the last 24 hours and hold this heart in your hand as it slowly turns to stone, shrinking to the size of a small gem which hardens it to a black jewel.

So long as you have your heartstone on you, you may (and only you), as an action, enter the Ethereal Plane or back again. While on the Ethereal Plane, you can magically touch a sleeping humanoid on the Material Plane. A protection from evil and good spell cast on the target prevents this contact, as does a magic circle. As long as the contact persists, the target has dreadful visions. If these visions last for at least 1 hour, the target gains no benefit from its rest, and its hit point maximum is reduced by 1d10. If this effect reduces the target’s hit point maximum to 0, the target dies, and if the target was evil, its soul is trapped in your soul bag, should you have one with you. The reduction in the target’s hit point maximum lasts until removed by the greater restoration spell or similar magic.

Should you lose or somehow destroy your hearstone, you may create another one, which destroys the previously created one if it still exists. You may only have one unfilled soul bag at a time. Should it be filled with a soul, you may create another.

Alternative Pact Boons

Pact of the Obyrith’s Shroud

Prerequisite: Otherworldly Patron is an obyrith

Your patron is one of the oldest types of fiends in the multiverse: the obyrith. Their forms are the most horrific and noxious to behold, rivaling the utter horror of the aliens of the Far Realm. All obyriths have a form of madness, whether it is their true form or one they shroud and then unveil upon their enemies, that when revealed drives even the strongest of hearts to challenge their sanity. Thus, your patron wills you to be more like them and grants you this form. During a short or long rest you may perform a quick ritual in which a cloak, shroud, cape, or other form of fabric or clothing that folds over your shoulders or form appears. This item is magical. You may not take it off without activating your form of madness unless a remove curse spell has been cast on you. As an action, the shroud can become invisible or visible again. Regardless, the shroud acts as a veil to shield your form of madness from the world.

As an action, you may unveil your form of madness and inflict it upon all creatures within 30 feet of you that are not fiends. During this flash of a moment, you appear like a truly horrific creature that assaults all the sensibilities of creatures who are not fiends. Even creatures who are blinded are still effected as your form affronts all the senses. Creatures beyond that who can see you that are not fiends are briefly stricken by a noxious feeling in their gut by witnessing this form. Non-fiendish creatures within 30 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC. Creatures who fail their saving throw must roll a 1d6 and be frightened by you for that many rounds. Creatures whose result is 6 on the die must roll an additional Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they gain a short-term madness (found in the DMG). Because your form is more potent than a typical fear effect, creatures who are immune to being frightened who fail their saving throw still must roll 1d6 to see if they must make an additional save to avoid madness. After you use this ability your shroud is gone.

While your shroud is on, you may cast crown of madness as an action once at your highest spell slot level. You may cast this spell again in this way after a short or long rest. You may call upon your shroud again during a short or long rest.

Pact of Vile Magic

Your patron bestows upon you dark energies that can augment your magic. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher and that spell deals damage, you may instead deal vile damage. The appearance of spells change, perhaps subtly or conspicously (your choice), but they cannot entirely look the same. An arcana (Intelligence) check of 14 + the level of the spell reveals there is something “off” about the magic by anyone who witnesses you cast the spell. A check whose result is 5 or more of the DC reveals that the spell is tainted by vile magic. Creatures who are immune to radiant or necrotic damage have resistance to vile damage. All fiends are immune to vile damage. Whenever a good-aligned creature takes vile damage, they must make Wisdom saving throw against your warlock spell save DC or become vulnerable to vile magic until the end of their next turn. Once a creature saves against this effect, they need not save again for 24 hours. You may cast eldrtich blast and deal vile damage once before you must take a long rest to do so again.

Dark Ritual

Any creature may use this ritual to entertain the darker denizens of worlds beyond the Material Plane. All fiends, of greater or lesser power, are intrigued by the cruel sacrifice and corruption of the innocent. Any mortal who would perform a dark ritual, depending upon the sacrifice, may be noticed by a simple fiend, a powerful fiend, or even a demon lord or archduke of hell.

Alignment: You must be evil-aligned to perform a dark ritual. Any non-evil creature who willfully completes a dark ritual becomes evil and perhaps gain madness.

Resources: You must possess 50gp worth of resources in candles, symbols, and ink. You must slay a creature with an Intellgience score of at least 6 that has never wronged you in anyway and within 24 hours of that death use its blood to create a symbol of a fiend, or a pentagram, on the floor. The stronger or more important the creature, the higher chance a more significant fiend may notice your ritual.

Time: Dark Rituals take 1 hour to complete.

Result: After the ritual is completed, roll 1d20 + your highest mental ability modifier (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma). If your result is less than 9, nothing you are aware of happens. If your result is 10-19, a fiend notices. If your result is above 20, an even more powerful fiend may notice.

Being Noticed: Being noticed by a fiend is not always a pleasant experience. Sometimes you simply feel a whisper of wind in your ear that you suspect is a fiend replying to you, even the Demon Lord you may worship — but it only manifests in the form of inspiration to you — because the fiend really bestowed some dark favor, or perhaps the placebo effect encourges you. In rarer times, the ritual itself causes a gentle rip in reality that permits a fiend to project part of their presence before you, sometimes a voice, other times just their ability to hear you. In even rarer times, a fiend may fully realize before you momentarily, offering you favor or requesting a task be completed in exchange for something. To be noticed means you may be noticed more and more.