Guild Enforcer

Streetwalkers will put up with a lot – especially if their palms are crossed with silver often enough. Occasionally, though, a punter desires something just a little too out of the ordinary, or refuses to pay – or a combination of the two. Sometimes they even get a little bit violent, after all, the city watch is not going to care if a few cheap strumpets get roughed up or murdered, are they?

Well, the watch might not care but the Guild of Bobtails, Brassheels, Whores, Teasers and Associated Trades certainly does. Some prostitutes of a more martial or murderous bent are recruited by the various guilds of prostitutes to serve as enforcers and avengers for those nobody else will look out for with that vengeance being anything from turning up naked and smeared with honey on an anthill to a terminal “bobbiting”.

Special: When you choose this archetype at 3rd level the Guild Enforcer must have been trained by a prostitute guild, or must have been working as a prostitute at some point in their lives.

Lady’s Protector

Starting at 3rd level you become proficient at hiding weapons about your person. In bags, clothing, wigs, hair, body cavities and all manner of other places. Provided you have time to prepare, when being searched observers have disadvantage to Wisdom(Perception) to detect your single light weapon.

Taking Precautions

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, as a “Ladies of negotiable virtue” you are often getting attacked, often from behind and often by people of a less than gentlemanly persuasion and all the subtlety of a caveman with a club going looking for a date. Guild Enforcers are not immune to these types of unbidden attacks and thus have developed a sort of sixth sense about the whole thing. You gain +5 to your passive perception and initiative.

Screaming Agony

Starting at 9th level, you learn that certain parts of a person’s body have more nerves in them than others. These are usually erogenous zones but other types of people know about these zones as well – for other reasons than pleasure. The Guild Enforcer knows the right spots for the wrong reasons and how to hit them, hard, to reduce even the largest of opponents to a ball of squealing agony. You gain +1d6 sneak attack versus humanoids. Also on successful hit target must make a Constitution save versus your 8 + proficiency bonus + Dexterity modifier or become stunned. Target may roll a successful Constitution at the end of each of their turns to negate this effect.

Know your Mark

When you reach 13th level, you become expert at judging people’s personalities. Everyone knows they have stumbled upon someone who “is not quite right” when they see a disheveled man with a wild look in his eyes sniffing milk outside the gates to a primary school but not all perverts are so obvious or bizarre as to be noticed so easily. The guild enforcer soon learns to recognize the “type” though and can, from a crowd of equally outraged and uptight nobility, pick out the one who likes to use live hamsters as a suppository with a remarkable degree of accuracy. This is accomplished by examining a group of intelligent humanoids making a Wisdom(Insight) check.DC 15 to spot who is secretly a bad seed. On a success GM should give you an inkling of his secret and dark personality.

Fear of God

By 17th level, you use your reputation as a weapon. When a few less than savory men have turned up, dead, with their own genitals sewn up their mouths (still attached or otherwise) you start to get a certain reputation. At this point the Guild Enforcer has made a substantial name for herself and is a feared scourge of the underworld. You gain advantage to Charisma(Intimidation) checks, and you also save against intimidation with an advantage.