Gnomish Sexual Tinker

The gnomish sexual tinker applies their scientific and magical ingenuity to the field of humanoid intercourse trying to find new and better ways to stimulate, seduce and pleasure both sexes through the use of devices, spells and illusions. Many of these contraptions backfire or explode, if anything even more messily than normal gnomish inventions, others seem to work and can even make the tinker a king’s ransom in gold if especially successful. The philosophers stone of the tinker’s work is the fabled ‘Orgasmatron’, a sure fire one-size-fits-all device cable of inducing a thunderous orgasm instantly in any living thing capable of such feeling. It is rumored that such a device has been created, once, and that rumor is enough for many tinkers to waste a fortune trying to replicate the effort.

The best science, and magic, is built upon testing and knowledge. The mysteries of humanoid seduction and copulation can only be understood if they are observed and carefully noted and sketched. Thus these sexhappy little voyeurs are given to leaving their home in their quest for sexual knowledge, often sticking their noses where they most certainly are not wanted. The opportunity for scrapes and misunderstandings is all too notable and tinkers are pursued by irate husbands a number of times only outstripped by bards.

Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Nature
Tool/Trade Proficiencies: Alchemy, Mechanical Device
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a small knife, latest invention(wind up dildo, a blow up doll etc.), bag of unused parts, 3 bottles of aromatic oils, 10 gp.

Feature: Creative and Curious

You love have access to best of both worlds. Nature and technology and knowledge and drive to discover even more how sexuality can be improved even further. Having enough resources and tools, and imagination there is nothing you couldn’t possibly make.

Roleplay Tips

The tinker is insatiably curious and has no shame at all in pursuing the knowledge they seek. They ask pointed questions, use their small stature to spy and observe and obsessively take notes on all aspects of humanoid sexuality. The tinker can make a useful foil to a rogue who thinks of himself as a charmer, constantly interrupting his seductions with blunt questions and inquiries that are more likely to destroy the attempt than to garner the gnome any further information.