Fey Bloodline

The power of the elves is ancient and implacable, and it runs strongly in your veins. The possible reasons for the potent manifestation of your heritage are endless. Perhaps you are a scion of a mighty arch fey, or were blessed by such an entity at birth. Perhaps you were born at a conjunction between the Prime Material Plane and the Feywild, or were exposed to a vortex of magic while making the transition between the two planes.

Sorcerers of the fey bloodline usually have overemphasized elvish features. Their eyes might be a particularly vibrant purple or green, their ears could be longer, or their movements may be exceptionally graceful. Many find such physical features beautiful in an otherworldly kind of way, while others may be put off by your seemingly alien nature.

Fey Ancestry

At 1st level, you can read, speak, and write Sylvan. Additionally whenever you make a charisma check when interacting with fey creatures, your proficiency bonus is doubled if it applies to the check.

Natural Spellcasting

At 1st level, your link to nature allows you to learn spells normally associated with the druid class. When your Spellcasting feature lets you learn a sorcerer cantrip or a sorcerer spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose the new spell from the druid spell list, in addition to the sorcerer spell List. You must otherwise obey all the restrictions for selecting the spell and it becomes a sorcerer spell for you.

Misty Escape

Starting at 6th level, you can vanish in a puff of mist in response to harm. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to turn invisible and teleport up to 60 feet to an unoccupied space you can see. You remain invisible until the start of your next turn or until you attack or cast a spell.

Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Beguiling Presence

Beginning at 14th level, fey magic surrounds you with an entrancing aura. At the end of a long rest, you gain the effect of a sanctuary spell that lasts until the start of your next long rest (the spell can end early as normal~ The saving throw DC for the spell uses your spell save DC.

Captivating Aura

Starting at 18th level, you learn to project the beguiling and fearsome presence of the fey. As an action, you can expend 5 sorcery points to draw on this on this power and exude an aura of confusion to a distance of 60 feet. For 1 minute, or until you lose your concentration (as though you were casting a concentration spell} each hostile creature that starts its turn in this aura must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed or frightened by you (your choice) until the aura ends. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw is immune to your aura for 24 hours.