Drow Pain Mistress

Dark elves dwell in the deep, dark places of the earth and are a twisted and dark reflection of the beauty of the elves. They look much better in fetish gear. As slave takers and masters of domination and pain, the dark elves explore the darker side of seduction, pleasure and pain. This expertise and knowledge is reflected in the pain mistresses. Slave controllers and strangely seductive torturers the pain mistresses use their knowledge to best effect to control the legions of slaves that serve the dark elves in every imaginable and unimaginable way.

Dark elf pain mistresses might travel on journeys of acquisition to gather slaves or to practice their techniques on new targets. The pain mistress makes a good accompaniment or leader to a party of evil or chaotic Player characters with a penchant for doing rude things. The drive to travel to new and interesting lands, meet new people and enslave or torture them can make a powerful driving force for a group.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Intimidation
Trade Proficiencies: Erotic performance, torture device
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a leather costume, whip, dagger, and pouch with 15 gp.

Feature: Sadistic and Masochistic

You love pain in every way. Pain makes you feel alive. It is a gift and a present. You can resist torture as on other, and you can torture like no one else can. You have advantage to resist torture and intimidation, and you have advantage to your torture and intimidation against helpless targets.

Roleplay Tips

The pain mistress sees no difference between pleasure and pain. The two are one in their mind. They throw themselves into battle with a devil-may-care attitude enjoying the excitement and pain that go hand in hand with physical exertion. The pain mistresses often see themselves as being above those around them and have an almost sociopath view towards others, seeing them as little more than toys or furniture, perhaps a nice painting at best.