Where most rogues are out for themselves, you go out of your way to help everyone else: for a price of course. Those that choose this archetype aren’t killers or thieves; instead they are trained to talk the talk and walk the walk. Your words are your weapon, which you use to uncover the truth. But don’t think the detective can’t hold his own in battle, otherwise you’ll be in for a nasty surprise.

Insightful Inquirer

Starting at 3rd level, you are a natural at finding out the truth, whether it be hidden behind doors or behind lips. You gain advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks. At your Dungeon Master’s discretion, they can choose to rescind this advantage in situations they deem inappropriate. By 9th level, clues rarely escape your observation, and you gain advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks. At your Dungeon Master’s discretion, they can choose to rescind this advantage in situations they deem inappropriate.


Starting at 3rd level, your line of work poses threats to your well-being, thus you have learned ways to protect yourself. You gain proficiency in firearms and all other weapons that do not have the two-handed or heavy property.

As a bonus action, you can attempt to conceal 1 weapon or object that weighs no more than 3 pounds by making a sleight of hand check if you are being observed. If you are not being observed, you automatically succeed this check regardless of your roll. The weapon counts as a finesse weapon for the first attack you make with it, and said attack is considered a sneak attack, so long as the enemy you use it on did not notice you conceal the weapon.

Unseen Sleuth

By 9th level, your drive to uncover the truth by any means has made you a master of remaining unseen. Whilst out of combat, you have the ability to cast the “Invisibility” spell on yourself. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). When you finish a long rest, you regain all expended uses. Further, when you are hit by a melee attack, you can use your reaction and one usage of this ability to cast invisibility on yourself, and as part of this reaction, move your movement speed away from your assailant without provoking opportunity attacks.

By the Throat

Starting at 13th level, you’ve learned how to read people so well that it is pretty much a science. As an action, you can make an Insight check against a creature you can see that isn’t incapacitated, opposed by the target’s Charisma (Deception) check. If you succeed, you pick up on their physical and emotional inconsistencies, thus you have advantage on Insight checks and all Charisma based ability checks against them, and you cannot be charmed or frightened by them by any means. If you attack this creature, your Sneak Attack damage against it increases by 2d6.

These benefits last until your next long rest, your target dies, or you use this ability against another creature.

Infallable Investigator

Starting at 17th level, your mastery of espionage is unparallelled. When you roll for initiative, you can roll an Investigation check and use your result as your initiative roll (this check benefits from the Alert feat, but not from your reliable talent class feature). If your initiative roll equals or exceeds the rolls of all enemies, the first round of combat becomes a surprise round for you.