Death Stalker

Death Stalkers represents the zealous drive of those who have devoted their lives co driving the undead back to the grave. When taking up this mantle you learn how best to hunt and kill creatures that have been raised from the dead.

Archetype Spells:

You gain Archetype Spells at the Ranger levels listed. Once you have access to an Archetype spell you always have it prepared. Archetype spells don’t count against the number of spells you prepare each day.

If you gain an archetype spell that doesn’t appear on the ranger spell list, the spell is nonetheless a ranger spell for you.

Ranger Level Spells
3rd Detect Evil and Good. Protection from Evil and Good
5th Magic Weapon, See Invisibility
9th Magic Circle, Speak With Dead
13th Banishment, Death Ward
17th Dispel Evil and Good, Hallow


Starting at 3rd level when you hit a creature with a weapon attack. the creature takes an extra 1d6 radiant damage. The damage increases by 1d6 if the target is undead. You can deal this extra damage only once per tum. Additionally, if the target undead is under the command of another creature within 60 feet of it then that creature also takes this damage.

Hallowed Ground

i\t 7th level where others find fear, you find strength in places that have been interred with the bodies of the dead. You now consider crypts, graveyards, cemeteries and other such environments Favored Terrain for purposes of the Natural Explorer feature.

Inured to the Unholy

Also at 7th level you add your wisdom modifier to saving throws that are not spell effects if it is imposed by an undead, such as a Ghoul’s paralysis, a Ghost’s possession, or a Vampire’s Charm. In addition to this, you gain resistance to necrotic damage.

Righteous Hunter

Beginning at 11th level, the damage die from Exorcism increases to a d8 and you can deal the damage from the feature on all of your attacks instead of only one.  Also at 11th level you can no longer be raised from death as an undead creature.

Protection from the Profane

At 15th level you are always under the effects of a Protection from Good and Evil spell.