None of these are intended to create mechanical effects, though they could at the discretion of the DM.

d100 Magic Item Quirks

  1. Soaked in the blood of an Aboleth during its creation.
  2. Incorporates the knuckle bones of a Lich.
  3. Blessed by a god created by the Kuo-Toa.
  4. Inscribed with a completely unknown script that disappears when a shadow passes over it.
  5. Charred ebony by the touch of an elemental.
  6. Struck by the lightning breath of a dragon, but emerged unscathed.
  7. Forged in the fire of an Azer’s inner flame.
  8. When moved, sings in Sylvan.
  9. Wrapped in the tattered remnants of a Banshee’s clothing.
  10. Incorporates a Couatl feather.
  11. This item never seems to be properly clean.
  12. Any wood elements are from a Gulthias tree.
  13. Once property of the Bullywug, His Highest Royal Officialest Highness, King Blurachk X.
  14. Each time the item is used, electricity arcs through your body. This causes your hair to stand on end and will result in an unpleasant jolt should you touch another being or conducting object.
  15. Engraved with a small note, in Primordial, “Prophecy #1758”.
  16. Wrapped in the three hides—dragon, lion, goat—of a Chimera.
  17. Has been turned to stone by a Basilisks gaze, but remains otherwise unaffected.
  18. The result of some poor adventurer’s pact with a Devil.
  19. Bears bite marks from a Lycanthrope.
  20. While the item is being utilized your skin takes on an unusual tint–the shade should be related to the powers or origin of the item. The tint fades one round after the item is no longer active.
  21. When held up to the ear, the sounds of a busy city can be heard.
  22. The wielder of this item finds themselves irrationally happy to see Gnomes.
  23. Heated by a Fire Elemental and cooled by a Water elemental simultaneously, turning gold.
  24. Has a regular-sized lock opening on its surface.
  25. Has patches of scales that vary in hue depending on age, like a Faerie Dragon.
  26. Ogre blood was spilled on this item once, and it etched strange symbols into it.
  27. Was once wept upon by an Illithid.
  28. Carved by a Frost Giant out of some unknown bone.
  29. Fell into a lake and soaked up all the water overnight. Constantly covered in condensation.
  30. Created by a Githyanki smith, blessed by a Githzeri cleric.
  31. Originally crafted and brought to life with an Iron Golem, and has since been separated from said Golem.
  32. Was discovered hidden in the shattered remnants of a Galeb Duhr.
  33. A spell is inscribed on this item. It seems to have no effect.
  34. Created through the inspiration from dreams inflicted by a coven of Night Hags.
  35. The wielder begins to develop elaborate wing tattoos on their back after 1d4 days.
  36. When in water, the wielder grows fins on both arms.
  37. Encased in the fine webbing of a Drider.
  38. Once fondled enviously by Janilla Plumph, famed Halfling paladin, very early in her career before she could afford such things.
  39. The name of every foe the wielder has ever defeated is scribed on this item.
  40. Item comes with a torn out page bearing a sketched schematic of itself, from a book titled “1001 Ways to Heal This World.”
  41. Each time this item is used, steam emits from the wielder’s mouth.
  42. The item needs to be submerged in water at least once every four hours, or it turns the wielder blue.
  43. Causes anything made of metal within 10’ to vibrate at a low hum.
  44. Reflections in this item seem sharper and brighter, and are reversed from how they should be.
  45. Any undead who see this object seem to grow excited in its presence (with no mechanical effect).
  46. This item contains an inert Slaad tadpole.
  47. The eyes of the wielder turn a rich, royal purple.
  48. After each use, wielder is 25% likely to turn invisible for a turn.
  49. When not being touched or actively searched for, item blends into the background.
  50. If the item breaks—and it seems to chip and crack more than usual—it mends itself within 1d4 hours.
  51. When used, the item grows small thorns that hurt but cause no actual damage.
  52. A dim light emits from under the wielders finger and toe nails.
  53. At dusk, the item crumbles, only to be reformed by dawn.
  54. When no other noise is occurring around this item, the sound of someone making a pact with a Devil (always new voices) can be heard. If noise is made, the voices hush, as if they heard.
  55. Was delivered to the original wielder by a group of Aarakocra who looked like doves.
  56. The item can change size at the wielder’s command.
  57. The wielder’s hair turns silver after 1d4 days.
  58. Hatched, wholly made, from a Griffon egg.
  59. The wielder begins to develop elaborate dagger tattoos on their wrists after 1d4 days.
  60. While holding this item, gusts of wind constantly turn the pages of any books the wielder is reading.
  61. Every full moon, the wielder’s shadow disappears until sunrise.
  62. Familiars respond very positively to the wielder.
  63. The wielder’s shadow becomes that of a Yuan-Ti Abomination.
  64. After killing another creature, the wielder speaks in Draconic for 1d3 hours, even if they do not otherwise know it.
  65. Contained in a box made from defective Modron parts.
  66. Tiny, blood-red flowers sprout all along this item every sunrise. They must be pruned before this item can be utilized effectively.
  67. The wielder gets a whiff of sea spray every so often.
  68. The words “Property of Sigil” are stamped in ink on this item. It can be rubbed off, with effort, and will return within 1d6 days on another item the wielder holds.
  69. The wielder always dreams of mazes.
  70. The item blinks in and out of existence when the wielder feels strong emotions.
  71. This item carries the stench of decay.
  72. When this item is used, the wielder gets an uncontrollable urge to howl.
  73. When used, the wielder sees shadows swirling around them.
  74. During the full moon, the wielder appears to be wearing a blackened coronet.
  75. When a creature dies within proximity of this item, the wielder hears a loud “whooshing” noise.
  76. This item appears more mechanical than magical or mundane, and it is covered in gears and doo-dads.
  77. This item feels hot to the touch, and will blister the wielders hand if used too often.
  78. Was carried by a Dryad, via Tree Stride, counter-clockwise through seven ancient trees.
  79. The item bears a family crest the wielder does not recognize, but seems familiar. The crest changes if the wielder changes.
  80. The item reflects everything but the wielder.
  81. This item is carved from the femur of a Tarrasque.
  82. Was dropped by a Djinni when it was released from its imprisonment.
  83. This item cannot be moved from where it’s placed without a successful contested Wisdom roll against the wielder.
  84. The holy symbol of an unknown god is etched on this item.
  85. After 1d6 days with this item, the wielder slowly develops a tattoo all over their body over the course of 1d4 days that describes a fundamentally different tale of the creation of the world than they are familiar with.
  86. This item was crafted by a bored Beholder, utilizing careful applications of its Telekinetic and Disintegration Rays.
  87. Was discovered in the belly of a Behir. Has a weak gravitational field that tugs at anyone who gets too close, except the wielder.
  88. This item resists dirt of all kinds, including blood. Grime just sloughs right off.
  89. When this item is being utilized, your shadow disconnects from your body and disappears. It returns when the item is put away or no longer in use.
  90. While the item is being utilized, the wielders voice takes on an unearthly quality, determined by the DM. (Like stone grating against stone, or echoing, or spectral.)
  91. When this item is being used, your face takes on leonine features, akin to a Sphinx of the appropriate gender.
  92. Each time you activate the item’s powers, or while you wear it or hold it all non-magical animals of a specific type, determined by the DM, begin to call out, howling, barking, croaking or crowing as appropriate.
  93. The wielder begins to develop a third eye tattoo on their forehead after 1d4 days.
  94. While actively wielding or using the item, your body is covered in an aura of arcane energy.
  95. Was passed under the shadow of each race of Chromatic Dragons during creation.
  96. When utilizing this item, the wielder appears ten years younger.
  97. While the item is being used, your eyes become a black or white (player’s choice) void.
  98. When in direct sunlight, the item exudes a rainbow aura.
  99. The byproduct of an unknown Wish spell.
  100. The item can cast a level 1d3 spell 1/day. This is unknown to the wielder even after inspection/ attunement.