While the gutter trash trade sexual favors for a morsel of food, a choice doorstep to sleep on, or in exchange for not getting their throats cut, the rich and powerful tradesexual favors for political gain, gossip, wealth and to establish dynasties. Who is getting the best deal is open to debate. The courtesan is an expert at these social games, playing people off against each other without being targeted, muckraking without getting mucky and sleeping with the right people without getting a reputation as a slut for it. The courtesan is a beautiful creature, buoyed by the best cosmetics and breeding available, chosen and groomed to play this role at court, between the powerful merchant and noble families.

Courtesans are normally too tied into their own machinations, plots and schemes to get too involved in the messy and all too common business of adventuring, which seems far too much like hard work for far too little reward. Nonetheless a courtesan can find herself out of favor, supplanted by a younger or more vicious rival, at the center of a scandal or even worse, pregnant! In these circumstances a courtesan may find herself having to seek alternate ways and means to take care of herself and may take up with less respectable adventuring types, using her skills at the lower end of the social spectrum to the same effect. After all, everyone loves to have it away with a “posh bird” and loves it when they “talk filthy”.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Deception
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, one type of musical instrument
Equipment: A musical instrument (one of your choice), the favor of an admirer (love letter, lock o f hair, or trinket), high class clothes, belt pouch with 25gp.

Feature: Friends in high places

Having lived within higher class you have more then few important friends. You can demand to see people of nobility, merchant guild masters, etc. And you can expect to be seen and taken seriously.

Roleplay Tips

A courtesan is somewhat haughty no matter to what low plateau she may sink in the social hierarchy; she will always consider herself to be far better than others. She is used to fine things, soft beds, rich foods and expects to be waited on hand and foot even in the most fleabitten hostelry in the land. Strangely, simply by adopting this attitude she often does get treated like nobility. Despite their soft lifestyle courtesans are strong-willed and hardier than they might otherwise appear to be.