College of Tactics

Bards of the College of Tactics are careful planners and masterminds of the battlefield, ensuring that their comrades gain the upperhand in any skirmish through their swift actions and words of inspiring magic. These bards study the strategies of history’s most victorious commanders and leaders, finding lessons that can be applied to the battles that lie ahead. Their services are often sought out by wealthy lords and kings who have coin to spare on contracting a keen tactician to lead their forces, be it to protect their lands or acquire new ones. A bard of the College of Tactics may not be the most skilled or powerful fighter, but he is certain to create heroes of the soldiers at his side.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the College of Tactics at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with shields and two martial weapons of your choice.

Bardic Superiority

Also at 3rd level, you learn two maneuvers of your choice from those available to the Battle Master archetype in the fighter class. One of these maneuvers must be Commander’s Strike.

Instead of superiority dice, you can use one of your Bardic Inspiration die to fuel your maneuvers. If a maneuver you use requires your target to make a saving throw to resist the maneuver effects, use your Bard spell save DC.

You learn two additional maneuvers at 6th and 14th level. Each time you learn new maneuvers, you can also replace one maneuver you know with a different one, with the exception of Commander’s Strike, which can never be replaced.


Starting at 9th level, you ignore difficult terrain, and difficult terrain doesn’t slow your group’s travel. You also remain alert to danger even when you are engaged in another activity while traveling (such as foraging, navigating, or tracking).

Additionally, while tracking favored enemies, you also learn their exact number, their sizes, and how long ago they passed through the area.

Arcane Assault

Beginning at 6th level, when you use your action to make a weapon attack, you can cast a cantrip as a bonus action.

Leader’s March

Starting at 14th level, your Charisma modifier (minimum of +1) is added to the result of any of your Bardic Inspiration die. Additionally, when one of your Bardic Inspiration die rolls its maximum value, you regain a use of your Bardic Inspiration.