College of Seduction

Bards of the College of Seduction are masters of seduction, and masters of erotic blue magic art. Always gorgeous or handsome, always a religious experience between the sheets, lust and love follow in their wake as though a cadre of cupids with repeating crossbows were camped in their backpack.

They ooze sex; they suffuse the very air with it. Every gesture, every bat of eyelid, every wave and every smile gives off waves of sensuality. To see a seducer is to fall in love and they will ruin you for anyone or anything else ever after.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the College of Seduction at 3rd level, You gain proficiency in Charisma(Deception) and Wisdom(Insight). If character already has any of these skills you may take any other skill in its place. You also gain the following trade proficiency: Erotic performance (Example: Striptease, Dance, Erotic Massage…).

Shocking Words

Also at 3rd level, you learn how to use your wit and completely shameless nature to say something so shocking and beyond the pale that all within earshot are stunned and some may even faint from sheer impropriety.
Whenever you use shocking words you must spend 2 Bardic Inspiration Dice. When you do each creature within Earshot or 30 feet radius centered on you must make a Constitution save. Those who fail are Stunned and fall Prone. They may remove this effect at the end of each turn, if they may make a Constitution saving throw.

Caution To The Wind

At 6th level, the attraction power of is so strong that women forget their husbands, kings forget their queens and clerics forget their gods. If you sets your sights on someone, you can almost always get them regardless of age, preference or vow. The only thing that will stand in their way is physical incapacity or death.

Given sufficient time you should be able to seduce anyone. The subject of your attentions must make a Wisdom save every hour that they are in contact with you. If the you chooses to expand one of your Bardic Inspirations the target must make the Wisdom save with disadvantage.

The Games Master may assign the target a bonus to their Wisdom save depending on mitigating factors such as faith, marriage or being truly in love with somebody else. This ability is useless against true love that is felt and expressed by both parties in a relationship, granting both parties immunity to the bard’s advances.

All You Can Think About

Starting at 14th level, even so little as a glimpse can be enough for someone to lose their heart, especially if you consciously exert your power to make someone obsess over you.

Activating this ability takes no more than a quick glance across a crowded room, and spending two points of Bardic Inspiration, after which the target must make a Wisdom save or be unable to think of anything except the seducer. The image of the you will haunt their every waking moment and visit them in their dreams for one week per point they failed their save by.

Should you attempt to seduce them, or use magic to enrapture or otherwise mislead them within this period, they have a disadvantage to any save or ability check to resist your seduction or spell.