Chosen of Mikka

When a character decides to become a Chosen of Mikka they gain the following benefits from the Mother of Magic:

  • Mage Sight: Magical and enchanted items radiate in the Chosen’s vision. The chosen is able to see a faint outline of magic for any object within their normal field of view that has magical properties (magic weapons, armor, items, potions, etc.). This doesn’t allow the Chosen to know anything about the item other than it is magical in some way.
  • Mage Defense: The Chosen has advantage on saving throws against magical effects (magical effects is left to the DM’s decision). If the Chosen already has this ability, they can never lose advantage on the saving throw.
  • Mikka’s Light: As a reaction, the Chosen can use the properties of the Shield spell to negate a Magic Missile attack. This feature can be used a number of times per day equal to the Chosen’s intelligence modifier.
  • Silver Fire: The light of Mikka allows the Chosen to know one spell so wholeheartedly that they require no spell slot be expended for it and no V or S components. This can be used once per day and the Chosen’s eyes alight with a silver magical flame when casting this spell. The spell can be chosen each morning from the Chosen’s known spells.