Battle Scout

Battle Scouts take forward positions before the main force, developing tactics and preparing the field for battle.

Superior Tactics

At 3rd level, after initiative Is rolled you can arrange your and your allies’ initiative rolls any way you wish. Additionally, you add your Wisdom modifier to your initiative and perception checks while you are within your favored terrain.


Also starting at 3rd level, your knowledge of organizing and supplying the troops under your command is unparalleled. Once per day you can choose a single terrain type that is not  your favored terrain. For the next hour per ranger level, you treat that terrain as if it were one of your Favored Terrains.


At 7th level, when you are concentrating on Hunter’s Mark you add your proficiency bonus to all Constitution checks for maintaining concentration and all allies within 30 feet of you also gain the benefits of the spell.

Seize the Moment

At 11th level, when you see a friendly target critically hit an enemy you can use your reaction to attack the same creature.

Duck and Cover

When you make a dexterity saving throw you can take an ally’s result, or they can take yours.