Arcane Battlemaster

In recent years the idea of a fighting woman has become more and more widespread. No longer bound to just a role of a princess, crafty thief, sorceress… So now here is a fun archetype for a warrior woman who is able to fight while still looking good. Her name is Arcane Battlemaster, ability not only to create but to summon and quickly adapt to any combat situation using her unique summon magic.
Arcane Battlemaster are known for their prowess on the battlefield as well as their fabled elemental smiting. Using a variety of different weapons and armor during combat, they call equipment from a small pocket dimension. Their “quick-summon” magic does not involve casting spells but becomes an extension to their fighting, meant to enhance their melee combat by summoning different tools for different purposes.

Bonding Ritual

When you reach 3rd level, you learn a ritual that creates a magical bond between yourself and a piece of equipment. You perform the ritual over the course of an hour, which can be done during a short rest. The equipment must be within your reach throughout the ritual. At the conclusion of which you touch the item and forge the bond. This equipment can then be dismissed, shunting it into an extradimensional pocket. The equipment disappears to the pocket if it’s more than 5 feet away from you for 1 minute or more or you dismiss it as a bonus action.

You can then call upon the item with your quicksummon magic and it appears either in one of your hands, or donned if it is armor, clothing, jewelry, or anything else that would be worn. If you are already wearing or holding equipment you’re bonded to, the new piece takes its place, returning the other to the extradimensional pocket. If you’re not bonded to what you’re wearing or carrying, it simply falls at your feet. The time it takes for you to do this depends on the equipment type. Summoning medium or heavy armor requires concentration as though you were concentrating on a spell.

Quick-summon Timing Table

Equipment Summoning Time
Any Weapon or Misc. Equipment 1 Bonus Action
Light Armor or any Shield 1 Action
Medium or Heavy Armor 1 Action and Bonus Action

You can create a number of bonds equal to your fighter level plus your intelligence modifier. The weapon ceases being bonded to you if you die or use your action to break the bond. If you attempt to perform the 1-hour ritual on an equipment while not being having a bond available, you must choose a previously created bond to break.

Elemental Smiting

Additionally at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in Smith’s Tools and the Arcana skill.

Putting these skills to use, you are able to create elemental weapons, altering the composition of the blades to create blades of pure flame or frost. Crafting an elemental weapon uses the standard crafting rules described in the PHB on page 187. You must acquire the desired weapon and then the crafting process costs 50 gp. At the end of each day spent crafting, make a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check. On a success, that day was extra productive and you reduce the time required for the crafting process by 3 additional days. When you finish crafting, the weapon’s damage type become your choice of either fire or cold and it becomes bonded to you. If you unbond the weapon, the magic loses its potency, and it becomes a regular weapon again.

You may only own one damage type of elemental weapon for each type of weapon. For example, you cannot own a fire and cold rapier, but may own a fire rapier and a cold short sword. Additionally, you may own a fire rapier and a fire short sword. If you try to create an elemental weapon of a weapon type you already own, the old enchantment fades upon completion.

Master Smithing

At 10th level you’ve spent enough time with your elemental weapons, that you’ve learned how to imbue those properties into armor. You can now enchant light and medium armors with the same elements as you can weapons (Fire, Cold, Acid, Necrotic, Radiant, and Lightning). When you do so, that armor grants its wearer resistance from that damage of that type.

Unpredictable Combatant

Beginning at 15th level, whenever you quick-summon a weapon, you get +2 to your next attack roll with that weapon and whenever you quick-summon an armor, you have +2 AC for the first attack against you.

Additionally, you may now craft Force and Psychic elemental weapons. These weapons cost an extra 450 gp to craft (total of 500 gp).

Quick-summon Mastery

At 18th level, you have mastered quick-changing. As a reaction to taking damage or as part of a reaction used for making an attack of opportunity, you may quick-summon a weapon, shield, or light armor to which you are bonded.

Additionally, quick-summoning medium or heavy armor requires only 1 action.

Notes: “Other equipment” includes things like headgear, gauntlets, cloaks, jewelry, boots, etc.