12 Random Magical Diseases

Roll 1d12 for a random disease:

  1. Dragon’s Cough: The inflicted coughs fire (or similar breath related to different types of dragon, such as ice or lightning). It is unknown if contact with dragons actually causes this illness. In general, it is far more dangerous to those trying to treat the victim than it is to the victim themselves, so long as the afflicted avoids coughing on themselves (and can keep from burning their houses down…)
  2. Sea Lung: Contracted largely by sailors. It’s believed to be caused from contact with aquatic beings. Many accounts suggest it’s a transmittable disease from having intimate relations with creatures such as merfolk. Symptoms consist of the lungs slowly filling with seawater and is quite deadly if not treated early.
  3. Dryad’s Itch: Contracted from elemental sources in the wilderness. The afflicted begins having excessively itchy patches on the skin that slowly start to form as tree bark. A slow moving disease that, if left untreated, can lead to the victim’s body turning entirely to wood.
  4. Death Rot: Contracted from contact with undead flesh or necrotic energies. The victim’s flesh begins to rot and turn necrotic as tiny particles of undead flesh infects the creature’s pores. If left untreated, the victim will degrade into a zombie over the course of a few days.
  5. Gobnob: A disease said to have originated from men laying with goblins, Gobnob is now a common viral disease with one major symptom – large, ugly warts on the genitals (and/or mouth)
  6. Flesh Sludge: Contracted from contact with oozes such as a gelatinous cube. This is less of a disease and more of a parasite. Tiny bits of caustic oozes infest the victim’s skin and begin to eat away at the flesh, similar to more mundane flesh eating diseases.
  7. Bloodrust: Contracted usually from contact with rust monsters. The victim’s blood is attacked by the same bacteria that a rust monster uses to dissolve metals. The bacteria eats away at minerals in the blood, especially iron. Afflicted individuals appear drained, and many are mistaken for victims of vampiric draining or some form of magical energy draining.
  8. Dream Fever: As some know, dreaming involves a person’s mind wandering into the shallows of the astral plane (or other dream plane as per your setting). This disease is contracted by your wayward mind that then becomes trapped in a dream state. During this time the individual is unable to be awoken through normals means and their soul becomes susceptible to dangers in the astral plane which can’t normally affect dreaming minds.
  9. Primordial Pox: Believed to be contracted from contact with raw magic and magical entities. Small patches of skin turn into painful outburst of elemental energy. These consist of things like rocky growths, burning or freezing flesh, and plants sprouting from the flesh. The victim experiences extreme pain that worsens as the rash covers more of their body before they dissolve into a maelstrom of destructive elemental energy that eventually spurts out and all that remains is ash.
  10. Mage’s Flu: Common amongst novice witches, wizards, and other users of the arcane magics. It’s believe to be contracted from individuals who aren’t well practiced or don’t fully understand the magics they’re trying to use, but can be seen in mages of all experience levels. Symptoms resemble that of a mundane cold, except that the user’s magical prowess seems to take a mind of it’s own and wild magic is let loose around the mage (usually made worse during sneezing or coughing fits). This can involve conjuring entities, animating or awakening things nearby, and other spontaneous eruptions of magical energies.
  11. Planar Gout: A disease seen mostly in those who see frequent travel between planes. It seems that either the magics or foreign environments cause a reaction similar to mundane gout, causing severe pain in a creature’s joints.
  12. Somatic Madness: Contracted from contact with aberrant creatures and creations from places like the far realm. It’s common knowledge that such unnatural horrors can break a man’s mind, but they can all sunder his flesh. Regardless of whether contact with such abominations have driven an individual mad, their flesh can be be afflicted by an aberrant disease where it no longer knows how to exist. A person’s flesh and bones will begin to twist and warp, at best leaving them hideously deformed and at worse turning them into an aberrant horror themselves.