Our story so far

The Squad

Our story is short. We are gamers. And we have been for more then 10 years. In that time our group changed a lot. From big group with 2 GMs to as small as 3 total players/GMs, but one thing was the same we were friends who hung out together. Drank soda, ate junk food and had fun playing our favorite hobby, playing rpg games.

In time we got to this point where we all are adults and we can share our love for the hobby online via our own website.

RPG Games

Over last 16 years we have played many different campaigns, game systems and and even came up with few of our own. But in later years we fell in to the pressure and started with latest Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, with which we are still having fun and creating new and fun content. And we will be adding that content to our site so it can be shared with wide community.